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Oregon State University has a new social media directory page. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress are the primary communication mediums for OSU’s social media presence. I’m sure this list will continue to grow as more and more departments engage in social media implementations.

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via the OSU Dialog blog

Welcome to the NACADA Tech Seminar!

Hello NACADA Tech Participants,

Welcome to the NACADA Technology Seminar!

Along with the other seminar faculty – Laura, George & Karen – I am looking forward to meeting & working with all of you this week in Clearwater, FL. We have been adding information to the NACADA Tech website, and will continue to use this as our central “hub” for all resources, handouts & presentations.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group, so we can get to know one another. Just leave a comment after this blog post that includes:

* Your Name & Professional Role
* Institution Name & Location
* Goals for the Tech Seminar
* Other interesting information or any personal web pages

Safe travels,

Eric :)

NACADA Technology Seminar – sessions

I’m one of 4 faculty members for the upcoming NACADA Technology Seminar in Clearwater, Florida. The seminar is geared toward academic advisors with varying technology skills. We’re expecting about 200 attendees at “NACADA Tech”. This should be a paradigm-changing event. We hope to have wi-fi access for all participants during our sessions. This sounds simple, but it turns out that free, in-session internet access is fairly rare in student affairs / academic affairs conferences. We want to ensure that participants have a hands-on experience with a lot of back channel conversations/connections.

I’ll be facilitating three sessions:
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WordCamp PDX

WordCamp PDX

Liveblogging WordCamp PDX:
The tag/hashtag for WordCamPDX (only 1 p) is wordcampdx. Aaron Hockley is kicking off the event promptly at 8:36. Very diverse group of attendees.

Just gave a book away to someone who’s only been blogging for a day or two…the baby blogger :-)

CubeSpace is a “green space”. Very exciting.

Lorelle VanFossen is keynoting this morning. Currently watching an intro video set to “when you wish upon a star”….Video is on “How WordPress has changed your life.”

Lorelle enters in as our “fairy blog mother”…anyone who knows me knows that kitschy themes are not my thing, but so far it’s working for Lorelle :-)

Going over how WordPress has supported people who need info in a hurry. The ease of use of the WordPress setup… Continue reading WordCamp PDX

NASPA’s Walled Garden

NASPAs new website does not work on Firefox 3 on a Mac

NASPA, the largest association for student affairs practitioners, released a re-designed website last week. The major feature of the new site is a custom, members-only, social networking site. The new, NASPA members-only site is a walled garden.

Only NASPA members can access the site’s features. It’s sort of like iStudentAffairs, except that it isn’t. iStudentAffairs runs off of Ning, an open-source social networking platform. iStudentAffairs is therefore a familiar interface to anyone who has ever used a Ning-based site.

NASPA’s WG is sort of like iStudentAffairs except that it uses tables, has an extremely clunky interface (everything feels like it’s slower than it should be), lacks alt attributes on images, and you have to be a member of NASPA. I’m not very excited about NASPA’s new site. I had really high hopes… iStudentAffairs might not be the busiest student affairs practitioner portal, but it’s definitely the easiest to use, the most current-thinking, and the only open model on the net.

Apparently, as the above screen grab shows, the newly re-designed NASPA template also does not like Firefox 3 on a Mac as the nav bar rollovers are breaking.


Life at OSU

LIFE@OSU is the official newsletter for faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants and other employees of Oregon State University. Produced in print every other week throughout the regular academic year and monthly during summer sessions, LIFE@OSU seeks to tell the stories of the people and programs of Oregon State with color and style, using all the tools of print and digital media to do so.

LIFE@OSU is intended to promote a civil discourse on campus and to foster a greater sense of community among the OSU work force.

Student Affairs Technology: To Boldly Go

Student Affairs Technology: To Boldly Go

“They should have explained the basic concepts at the beginning (e.g.: podcasts, blogs, wikis, etc.).”

“Be less technical.”

“Helping me to boldly go where I’ve never been before.”

One of these statements is not like the other two. I’m sure you can guess which one gives me hope as a student affairs techie that we as a profession have not lost our willingness to learn, to explore and to stay positive about new technologies. This article represents a call to action for student affairs practitioners. The microblogging site, Twitter, has a feature that lets you “nudge” someone that you are following. This is me providing a gentle nudge to my fellow higher education administrators. I hope that you nudge me back. Let’s push the envelope. Let’s shift our professional paradigms. Let’s make technology (and learning about new technologies) a part of our daily practices.

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Brown University’s Website – Coda

From the Brown University Daily Herald:

Over the past two years, a number of designers have asked permission to use the University’s code, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Ohio State University and the University of Alabama in Huntsville have created Web sites that look and function just like Brown’s.

Though the code for Brown’s site is copyrighted, the University views the similar designs as a compliment, said Director of Web Communications Scott Turner.

Turner learned about OSU’s similar Web site design last October, when the OSU webmaster sent him an e-mail asking if the site infringed upon Brown’s copyright.

“I don’t know if the code they used was stolen. They wanted to imitate us, and that’s their business,” Turner said. “We’re flattered.”

In responses to inquiries about its home page design, the University has notified Web site developers of the copyright on Brown’s code. But the University has also directed them to two open source libraries Brown drew on heavily in developing its code, encouraging site developers to employ the same public resources in efforts to “duplicate” the site, Turner said.

Liz Alcalde, coordinator of public relations for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at OSU, said she loved the “really clean application” of Brown’s Web site and looked at the site for inspiration when developing OSU’s.

Alcalde said she knew of no licensing or copyright issues with the designs of the site, and she added that there are some “pretty significant differences in design.”

Despite those differences, the similarities among the three sites have raised questions in the blogosphere. Eric Stoller, who blogs about higher education and technology, posted last month about the OSU site.

University officials said they do not have evidence the code was stolen and did not express any intention to pursue the issue further.

The end.

Blocked by Hotmail

MSN Hotmail

via the Oregon State University Network Engineering blog:

As some of you would know by now, the oregonstate.edu domain is being blocked by hotmail.com. This means that any email coming from our domain will bounce and not be delivered. I just want to give you guys a heads up and let you all know that I am working on getting us delisted from their system. A request has been submitted and I expect to hear back from them in a day or two.

One more reason not to use Hotmail. I think the list is up to more than 1,200 different reasons now. Ciao.