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Eric Stoller is a higher education thought-leader, consultant, writer, and speaker. He frequently gives keynotes on how administrators can use social media strategically and is a proponent for teaching students about digital identity development.

With a background in student affairs, academic advising, wellness, technology, and communications, Eric focuses his energies on educating clients and captivating audiences. As the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, he generates conversations, answers questions, and provides insight about a variety of “tech topics.”

Eric is a former Academic Advisor & Web Coordinator for the College of Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. He served previously as a Marketing Specialist for Student Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Eric has over 10 years of experience in higher education and student affairs and has been blogging for more than 8 years.

Eric has given presentations on social media and technology at multiple Student Affairs events (AACRAO, ACPA, ACUI, ACUHO-I, ICBA, NACADA, NACAS, NACS, NAFSA, and NASPA) and is a former regional chair of the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community. He received an AA from Indian Hills Community College, a BA in Communications/Public Relations from the University of Northern Iowa, and an Ed.M. in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University. Eric can be found online at and tweeting at [Email Eric]

Complete list of consulting / speaking engagements from 2009 to the present.

Eric Stoller

One of the best presentations I’ve heard on the practicality of social media and Student Affairs. Thank you! @
Johnny Robinson

Great lecture w/ @ in the Kent Student Center Kiva about digital identity & social media. #KSUSM

.@ on stage now talking Digital Identity & how it can help or hurt your job prospects #curryseniorconference
Curry College

@ericstoller is going to positively change how student affairs communicates and does business. Be more. Be bold. #acpa11
Tom Jackson

Amazing presentation from @ on social media & digital identity
Jashvina Shah

#BIGideas12 not sure how but @ seemed to be talking to me specifically in this room full of people. Gifted speaker, great start
Jack Breffle

@ Loved the preso! It will be the chatter for a long time. Best closing speaker ever! #anewtwitterfan
Jumelle Brooks

Huge thanks to @ for delivering a great @ session at #BbW12 & bringing extra fun to the scene. #BeBold #GoEwoks
John Dennett

Wondering where in the twitterverse we’d be if @ hadn’t helped us figure out a hashtag for #mytru back in June. #itsallgood
Christine Adam

@ hard practical reasons for mobile on a campus, wrapped up with wit and charm thnx @ 4 thinking of this #bbw12

Just what I needed post-lunch. An entertaining, informative & funny talk. Thanks @!
Bradley Slavin

I didn’t know @ was such a GREAT speaker: Engaging, inspiring & funny. Thanks for sharing @:

#MIMSAC12 @ walks his talk on engaging conference presentations; good use of tech (obviously) – good use of PPT
Dan Bureau, PhD

Keynote speaker @ for #ICPA drive in conference was awesome! I’m inspired to keep working on my twitter presence.
Annie Radebaugh

This @ talk is great not just for the content, but also how to present great content #icpa
Brian Fremeau

Fantastic social media presentation by @ @! Can’t wait to incorporate many of the ideas/tips shared! #studentaffairs
Levester Johnson

Seen this yet? A must for SA profs! RT@ericstoller Social Media, Leadership + Student Affairs @ #SAlive
Spelman & Johnson

I’m so thankful right now to @ and his awesome presentation earlier this year,it’s helping me while planning training for staff!
Stacy Jill Calvert

Saw two great speakers today, the Astins in the AM and @EricStoller twice after. With all due respect @EricStoller was much better #naspa11
Justin Gomez

Enjoying the keynote speaker @ericstoller talk about how leadership connects with social media @pacurh2010 #pacurch10
Marco Henry Negrete

Loving that @EricStoller has inspired us to use social media in Stu Affairs. #PACURH10
Amanda Lobsinger

Learned a lot from @ about student affairs. Great seeing you again!
Adobe Education Team

Using genius creativity and disruptive innovation w/ epic theme music and kittens! Best closing speaker EVER! @ #napawr11
Di Wong

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