Welcome to the NACADA Tech Seminar!

Hello NACADA Tech Participants,

Welcome to the NACADA Technology Seminar!

Along with the other seminar faculty – Laura, George & Karen – I am looking forward to meeting & working with all of you this week in Clearwater, FL. We have been adding information to the NACADA Tech website, and will continue to use this as our central “hub” for all resources, handouts & presentations.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group, so we can get to know one another. Just leave a comment after this blog post that includes:

* Your Name & Professional Role
* Institution Name & Location
* Goals for the Tech Seminar
* Other interesting information or any personal web pages

Safe travels,

Eric :)

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the NACADA Tech Seminar!”

  1. I’m interested in best practices for technology use in advising–delivery, communication systems, caseload management– that faciliate our learning outcomes goals with students.

    Okay. I may be the least technologically savvy person attending this seminar. This is the first time I’ve responded to a blog.

  2. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Jana Jacobs and I am the Assistant Director of Advising in the College of Engineering-University of Oklahoma,

    My goals for this tech seminar are to benchmark the practices of other institutions when it comes to technology (specifically engineering schools).

  3. Greetings from Montana! I must say, i am looking very forward to getting away from the snow and ice for a little while. I am the Retention Coordinator for the Undergraduate Advising Center at the University of Montana in Missoula. I’m interested in learning how other institutions are applying web 2.0 technologies to advising contexts and particularly interested in the development of large-scale communication plans. We use several 2.0 outlets in advising at UM and I know we have a lot more to learn – looking forward to it!

    A bit about me on the personal side: i am an avid whitewater kayaker, downhill skier, and hunter (i love just about anything outdoors). In case you’re interested, check out my personal kayaking blog here.

  4. Hi, all – KD Maynard here, Director of Undergraduate Advising at UMass Amherst. I’m pretty uninitiated in the Bloggosphere, as well.
    I guess I’d characterize myself as technological swiss cheese. I can be cruising along in the substantive, creamy, tasty portions of the techno-cheese when all of a sudden I hit an air pocket and I’m utterly clueless.
    In essence, my goals for this seminar are to better understand possible applications of technology in the realm of academic advising, to learn from others who have headed down this path already, and to have some idea of how to implement approaches that seems to be a good fit for our institution.
    Oh – and leaving the snow behind won’t bother me at all . . .

  5. No Pat, you’re the second least technologically savvy person attending this seminar!

    I am interested in possible ideas for a pre-orientation contact with our new, first year students. (Along with learning about all the wonderful techno advances I have been ignoring.)

  6. I feel much better now after reading Pat’s comment and join Pat’s ranking because I never responded to a blog either.

    I am the director of the College of Education and Human Development Undergraduate Advising Center at the University of Texas in San Antonio.

    We are using WebCT and ‘Advisor Chat’ to reach our students. Currently we are in the process of creating a facebook page and I hope to learn more about ‘Blogs and Wikis’ to incorporate one/both/some? on our website. Additionally the university is looking into building a Second Life island and maybe I can get some feedback/experience of Second Life and Advising

    Looking forward to network with you all in Clearwater….

  7. Hello Everyone:

    I’m the Director of Academic Services, a retention office, at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. I’m excited to escape the snow for just a few days and learn and work intensely this week on tech issues.

    My particular interest for this seminar is to really focus on blogs and their best use for our operations, but I’m betting I’ll have many more ideas too, by the end of our time together. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person and digging in!

  8. Hi Everybody,

    I am an academic advisor at the University of Iowa, and am involved with helping our Advising Center integrate technology – web 2.0 and otherwise – into the Center’s advising practices. I consider myself a technically minded person, and have been involved with web development and various coding projects for many years now. My primary goals for this conference are to exchange ideas and learn about how others are making use of technology at their institutions.

    I look forward to meeting everyone.

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