My OSU – An awesome student-created video

I love this video from the OSthankU Video Contest. As someone who is “powered by orange,” I got chills when I watched it. For anyone who has ever attended Oregon State University, this video has amazing visuals and a terrific voice-over.

How I’m Powered by Orange

Eric Stoller is Powered by Orange

My last day at Oregon State University (OSU) is September 30th. I think it’s fitting as my first day at OSU was also in September. Six years ago I moved out to Oregon from Chicago, IL. It was a tremendous life transition. I had been working at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the decision to leave UIC/Chicago was a big one for a young professional from the Midwest.

When I first started looking at graduate programs in higher education/student affairs I had no idea that I would end up moving to Oregon. I remember checking up on about 5 or 6 programs. I kept coming back to OSU as my first choice. Eventually, I decided to apply for the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) program at OSU. It was the only grad program that I submitted an application to. In hindsight, I probably should have applied to more than one school just in case OSU didn’t accept me. However, sometimes you have to put all of your eggs in a single basket and hope for the best. Concentrating on a single application made my process extremely focused. I was going to get into grad school at Oregon State. There wasn’t a “plan B.”

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OSU furlough details

The official OSU furlough numbers have arrived…here is the monthly furlough breakdown for 9-month and 12-month employees:

9-Month Employees
Monthly Base Salary Rate at 1.0 FTE* Total Number of Furlough Days per Academic Year at 1.0 FTE** Total Number of Furlough Days for 1/1/10 to 6/15/10 at 1.0 FTE** Amount of Furlough Time Off Per Month for 1/1/10 to 6/30/10 at 1.0 FTE**
$2,450 or less 3 days 1.83 days 2.66 hours
$2,451 to $3,105 4.5 days 2.75 days 4 hours
$3,106 to $5,733 5.25 days 3.2 days 4.66 hours
$5,734 to $8,333 6 days 3.66 days 5.32 hours
$8,334 to $10,934 7.5 days 4.57 days 6.65 hours
$10,935 and over 9 days 5.49 days 7.98 hours

12-Month Employees
Monthly Base Salary Rate at 1.0 FTE* Total Number of Furlough Days per Fiscal Year at 1.0 FTE ** Total Number of Furlough Days for 1/1/10 to 6/30/10 at 1.0 FTE** Amount of Furlough Time Off Per Month for 1/1/10 to 6/30/10 at 1.0 FTE**
$2,450 or less 4 days 2 days 2.67 hours
$2,451 to $3,105 6 days 3 days 4 hours
$3,106 to $5,733 7 days 3.5 days 4.67 hours
$5,734 to $8,333 8 days 4 days 5.33 hours
$8,334 to $10,934 10 days 5 days 6.67 hours
$10,935 and over 12 days 6 days 8 hours

* Monthly base salary rate is derived by dividing the employee’s annual base salary rate by either 9 or 12 appointment basis.
** Furlough time off will be prorated for employees working less than 1.0 FTE.

via the Gazette-Times

Furloughs and Privilege

Furlough days at Oregon State University plus privilege by Robert P Garrett

It was almost two weeks ago when the Oregon State University faculty senate voted for furloughs for all faculty (grant-supported salary is exempt) in 2010. It should be noted that the Oregon State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors “came out in support of furloughs provided that a number of important principles be included in the resolution.” I agree with the OSU AAUP’s suggestions. The top income tiers for furloughs need to be modified so that people who make more than $14,000 per month take more furlough days. If you make $168,000 pre-tax, I think you can handle a bit more of a cut. If you can’t make ends meet, then perhaps you should hire me to manage your finances.

Speaking of privilege…OSU Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Robert P. Garrett, decided that the best way to address the furlough situation was to attack Oregon State’s multicultural support programs via a letter in the Corvallis Gazette-Times. According to “Bobby,” OSU’s programs that support underrepresented and/or historically marginalized groups represent a redundant financial burden on our predominantly white campus. In summary, a white male professor on a mostly white campus says that there are just too many campus groups that support women, people of color, and LGBT folks. I wonder how many groups/organizations/offices at OSU are made up of a majority of straight white men. Anecdotally, I would offer that there are a lot…more in fact, than the “redundant” orgs of which Robert writes.

Here are few of the choicest bits from Robert P. Garrett’s letter with a few added thoughts from yours truly:

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A bad day for the OSU web

Oregon State University web space hacked

I almost forgot to post this… A few weeks ago, I was meeting with one of my advisees. I wanted to show them something on the OSU Registrar’s web site. When I arrived on the Registrar’s URL, the “Reported Attack Site!” warning appeared in Firefox. It turns out that several high-level OSU sites were hacked and that several were still suffering from residual hack effects.

Regarding sites being designated as containing malware, many sites will still show up as being malware until the services that browsers use to detect malware sites rescan and update sites.

Central Web Services web servers were subject to an attack this weekend. Due to this, a number of services have been temporarily disabled to CWS sites, including ssh and ftp access. Personnel are currently working to clean up this incident. Central Web Services hosts and many other sites in the domain.

For users accessing a web page, you may receive a message that states something similar to: “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer…site contains malware”. If you see this visiting (the Home Page), the calendar, or the campus map the issue is resolved.

Adding captions to YouTube videos

I used to be a huge fan of Vimeo. Their user interface and HD video capability is top notch. Unfortunately, Vimeo has decided that accessibility is not a priority. 8 days ago on the Vimeo forums, the topic of accessibility via closed captions / subtitles was added to the Vimeo Community Forums – Feature Request section. Vimeo’s response to this request was extremely saddening:

We have a lot of higher priority features in the cue right now, and when we find the appropriate time, we will definitely look into offer CC support.

Vimeo is telling its community that users with hearing impairments do not matter.

Thankfully, YouTube has now made it very easy to add captions to videos. In fact, YouTube allows for HD uploads, accessible videos and better uptime than Vimeo.

It’s really easy to add captions / subtitles to a YouTube video using dotSUB:

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Flashmob: Oregon State University Valley Library

Hundreds of Oregon State University students took over the Valley Library on Thursday, October 1st. (via the Oregon State University Admissions Blog)

It was a successful flashmob, although I really think that OSU (Oklahoma State University) and UNC (University of North Carolina) have set the bar for successful university flashmobs:

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Yom Kippur and Oregon State University

Yom Kippur is the most sacred and solemn holy day in Judaism, and is typically observed from sundown to sundown. This year, Yom Kippur begins at sundown on September 27th and ends on the evening of Monday, September 28th.

The first day of classes at Oregon State University (OSU) begins on Monday, September 28th. Classes also begin on Monday, September 28th at Eastern Oregon University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University.

The only Oregon University System (OUS) institution that is not starting classes on September 28th is the University of Oregon. The first day of classes at the University of Oregon begins on Tuesday, September 29th — after Yom Kippur.

An email from the OSU administration informed the OSU community that faculty, staff and students could be absent for the first day of classes without penalty. I would argue that the penalty is a missed day of learning and/or work, and knowing that at least one OUS institution decided to modify their schedule while yours did not.

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