Enrollment Growth Hero

If you’re interested in all things related to university enrollment, admissions, and recruitment, I would recommend reading the Enrollment Growth Playbook from Helix Education.

Here’s my take on the playbook from earlier this year:

The Enrollment Growth Playbook represents next generation thinking about how universities and colleges think about their enterprise-level goals, growth, marketing, enrollment, retention, and data intelligence.

Recently, the team at Helix Education contacted me about a new interactive game-based version of the Enrollment Growth Playbook.

Enrollment Growth Hero is dialogue-based and takes you through scenarios that are mentioned in the original playbook, including: goal-setting, getting buy-in from leadership, and crafting a strategic plan for enrollment growth.

In ten minutes of gameplay, you get a quick refresher to the overall themes of the playbook.

Helix Education does a great job of utilizing gameplay to illustrate the various campus partners that are instrumental for a comprehensive enrollment growth strategy.

While it’s true that a game-based version of a strategic document is fairly novel, it’s refreshing to see that Helix is bold enough to use a variety of media to get the word out about their enrollment growth thought leadership initiatives.

This post was sponsored by Helix Education.

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