Joseph Orosco on the legacy of Cesar Chavez

Cezar Chavez St. in Austin Texas

Oregon State University Director of Peace Studies and associate professor of philosophy Joseph Orosco is interviewed about the legacy of Cesar Chavez:


Morality and Self-deception

via the Oregon Council for the Humanities

Writer Ursula K. Le Guin and Oregon State University philosophy professor Lani Roberts presented an interactive discussion exploring morality and self-deception–including our ideals of morality, how we deceive ourselves individually and collectively, and the concept of moral evolution–at a recent Oregon Council for the Humanities Think & Drink, a happy-hour series that sparks provocative conversations about big ideas.

Part 1 – (about 31 minutes)

Part 2 – (about 34 minutes)

WordCamp PDX

WordCamp PDX

Liveblogging WordCamp PDX:
The tag/hashtag for WordCamPDX (only 1 p) is wordcampdx. Aaron Hockley is kicking off the event promptly at 8:36. Very diverse group of attendees.

Just gave a book away to someone who’s only been blogging for a day or two…the baby blogger :-)

CubeSpace is a “green space”. Very exciting.

Lorelle VanFossen is keynoting this morning. Currently watching an intro video set to “when you wish upon a star”….Video is on “How WordPress has changed your life.”

Lorelle enters in as our “fairy blog mother”…anyone who knows me knows that kitschy themes are not my thing, but so far it’s working for Lorelle :-)

Going over how WordPress has supported people who need info in a hurry. The ease of use of the WordPress setup… Continue reading WordCamp PDX

WordCamp Portland Registration

WordCamp Portland Oregon - WordPress Conference

Registration is now open for WordCamp Portland. More than 50 people have already registered! I wonder if Matt Mullenweg will make a guest appearance?

WordCamp Portland will be held at CubeSpace on September 27th. You can head over to the Agenda page to check out the details, but we’ll kick things off with a couple large-group speakers including Lorelle Van Fossen as our keynote speaker. The middle of the day will feature several small-group breakout sessions with a variety of topics. Attendees can pose WordPress questions to our “Ask the Experts” panel before dinner. After dinner, we’ll have a bunch of rooms available for unconference-style sessions to be determined by the attendees on the day of the event.

We’re now accepting registrations for WordCamp Portland. The advance registration fee is $10 which includes lunch, dinner, a WordCamp Portland T-shirt, and entry into drawings for door prizes.

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WordCamp Portland

WordCamp Portland Oregon
Save the date; WordCamp Portland will be held on September 27th, 2008 at CubeSpace.

WordCamp is a gathering of WordPress folks. Whether you consider yourself an enthusiast, developer, designer, marketer, or writer, WordCamp is for you. The event organizers are currently working out the details of the conference format and schedule; stay tuned to the WordCamp Portland site for more information.

I hope to attend the Portland, Oregon WordCamp. I will proudly post at WordCamp Portland on my WordPress-powered blog while wearing my WordPress t-shirt whilst drinking java out of my WordPress mug :-)

WordPress is the best blogging application of all time

via Silicon Florist

Portland Police discuss white privilege

Portland Oregon Police Department

Sergeant Dave Hendrie said: “I think the thing that was shocking to me and gave me a better understanding when people talk about white privilege, it’s offensive to me, it feels like a judgment term to me but having watched this specifically as it relates to housing practice and how that works, we talk about white suburbia and here it is, it was a policy that these were the only people allowed to move out there, was whites. So I have a better understanding of white privilege. If I was a G.I and I’d come out here I’d have been able to get a loan for a home, wheras that same advantage would not have been given to Chuck. And to see that as part of the government instituted process of giving loans was disturbing to me.”

Yes you did just hear a Portland Police Officer changing his perspective of white privilege. There’s plenty more discussion, all of it equally fascinating, and you get to find out who Chuck is, after the jump.

via Blogtown, PDX

A letter to Ikea

Portland Oregon Ikea

Dear Ikea,

Many years ago, in 2001, I purchased two beech-colored items of furniture. The items, a bookcase and a CD tower, were bathed in a lovely golden brown veneer. Recently, Wendy and I decided to embark on a trip to the new Ikea in Portland, Oregon. We decided that we would like to procure another beech CD tower. Upon our arrival at the Portland store, we grabbed a golf pencil and used a gps to locate the CD tower on the demo floor. I was gleeful when I discovered a fleet of benno CD towers in all sorts of different colors. I wrote down the stock number and we proceeded downstairs to the loading area. The box containing a beech benno was loaded onto the neatest handtruck ever and we rolled to the checkout counter.

Three days passed before I decided to build the benno. I opened the packaging and that’s when I realized that something was wrong. The beech on the new benno was much lighter than my seven year old beech colored furniture! Gasp! I showed Wendy the color disparity and we knew that we did not have a match.

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Oregon Soap Company

Soapman's Spice Oregon Soap Company

If you need to buy soap, I would suggest purchasing your bars from the Oregon Soap Company. My personal favorite is the Soapman’s Spice. Its blend of clove oil and cinnamon powder in a vegetable-based soap is just terrific! Oregon Soap Company soaps are available for sale on their website and at the Skidmore Saturday Market in Portland Oregon.

IKEA Portland, Oregon

Ikea Portland Oregon grand opening

Waiting outside for 2 days for an Ikea to open…probably not on my July to-do list. Although, I am a fan of the Ikea Slabang.

Air out your camping gear! Customers can begin lining up at IKEA Portland at 9:00 AM on Monday morning, July 23, 2007 – in advance of our July 25 opening. We are going to be doing something special for everyone on opening morning so you do not have to be the first, second, or third customer in line* in order to share in the fun. Keep checking for updates!

*There will be no specific prize given to just the first, second, or third customer in line.