Web Stats Addict (WSA)

It is public knowledge that I am a web stats addict. Web stats are a variable reward system that keep me coming back to check on my referrals, keyword searches, and recent visitor activity. I think Wendy is going to host a web stats intervention soon… Is anyone else hooked on their web stats?

Eric Stoller web site statistics from statcounter

More web stats goodness after the jump.

My post on United Airlines Ticket Vouchers continues (for 2 + years now!) to be the most popular post on my site with over 10,000 pageviews. In fact, that post has become a community within a community. It reached 80 comments yesterday and continues to generate pageviews, unique visits and comments. It really is the best source for dealing with United Airlines and their messed up voucher system. It’s a blog within a blog!

Other contenders (and by contender, I mean posts that only wish that they were the UA Voucher post ;) ) for the top post spot include:

Here’s a visual representation of my site’s pageviews and unique visits since June 2006. (Prior to June ’06, my blog and its stats were on a different URL.)
Eric Stoller web site analytics from statcounter