Statcounters Anonymous

How many times have I checked today? It’s like a sickness. is my home page for FireFox! I check my site statistics to see how many visits I’m getting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I have obsessive web statistics disorder. My dashboard in WordPress now has a menu item called “Reports.” The plugin, called WordPress Reports, utilizes my Google Analytics account and pulls information into the admin interface.

I love looking at referrals, recent keyword activity, and page views. I love “optimizing” for search engines. I have OWSD!

Go ahead, admit that you love it too.

Update: I forgot that I also have the “Live” plugin installed which lets me view my website activity in REAL TIME!!!

Update 2: Brownfemipower, Radem, Sage and VeganKid are also stats junkies :-)

22 thoughts on “Statcounters Anonymous”

  1. oh, i am not going to download that plugin. i like totally ignoring stats because i have to freakin’ do it for my job all the time. so, my clients stand in solidarity.

  2. LOL..six times today. :o

    I love looking at page views, especially by this one repeat visitor, a local police officer, who periodically visits the archive page where he posted some comments using his real name.
    He’s the only one who goes there. I thought he was waiting for a response to his response to my response to his comment from last year, so I wrote one in not too long ago. I wonder if he was startled when he saw it, lol.

    There was this investigation done last autumn of my blog by the Internal Affairs Division of the police department because some police officers were allegedly posting offensive comments on it. I wasn’t aware of the investigation until at least a month later. It’s actually a banned site at the department but apparently that doesn’t stop at least half dozen or so computers from the city server from dropping by.

    I’m totally incurable.

  3. hilarious! i have to say that i’m with Bitch on this one. I rarely check my stats and i think its cuz my clients obsess over knowing their stats. tho i used to suffer from OWSD. aversion therapy is what worked for me.

  4. Hi, my name is Dan, and I’m a web analytics addict.

    It all started when I felt all alone in WWW and installed my first counter on my Geocities page. Sadly, it hardly ever clicked over and it left deep scars for me emotionally that would come back to haunt me.

    Later in life, someone who I thought was a friend, Eric Stoller, gave me a hit of the illicit party drug known as DeepMetrix. It was such an intense high that I’ve been a daily addict ever since. I check 6 different sites daily for stats, using 3 different packages, and I’m fearful that someday I’ll have no control over my addiction. I already find myself checking in on my sites during the weekend and even on vacation.

    And speaking of which, it’s about that time again. Can someone hold the spoon for me while I get the syringe ready?


  5. omg I’m a complete stats junkie! When I moved my blog to I lost StatCounter b/c they won’t allow javascript, and I find their stats thing completely unsatisfying. I need more data! And I can’t use Google analytics, either. *pout*

  6. i just wanted to say that i hate you, eric. ever since you wrote this post, i’ve been suffering some serious OWSD. i added the Reports plugin to my blog and to the Taking Place blog. and today i added the Dashalytics widget to my computer. i hate you. in a loving sorta way:)

  7. I totally understand the stats addiction. I guess you could say I’m in recovery ;) Although, I’ve found that gostats does a better job (seems to be more updated than statcounter) IMHO.

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