Using Line Rider to teach mathematics

Line Rider math assignment

I am an avid web statistics viewer. Recently, an inbound link to my post on Line Rider Badminton caught my eye.

A teacher at Lisgar Collegiate Institute had linked to my Line Rider blog post on a site for an advanced function math course. My post is listed as a resource for determining where the Line Rider .sol file is located. What a nifty way of teaching math. Create your own Line Rider track.

Here’s a snapshot of the Line Rider assignment for Mr. Tang’s math class:

Goal 1: Create a course that illustrates the different functions that was covered in the course.

Goal 2: Describe in mathematical detail the course.

Goal 3: Calculate average and instantaneous rate of change of the line rider.

Criteria: Each course needs to have the following functions:

  • Two different polynomial functions (degree 2 or greater)
  • One rational function (that is factorable)
  • Sine function
  • One logarithmic function
  • One composite function ( )f g

PS: I have absolutely no idea what any of this means :-)

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  1. hey.. im in mr. tangs class- currently working on this project which he assigned for our Grade 12 summative.

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