Line Rider: Trading Lines and .Sol’s

Line Rider is an amazing online toy that is a combination of precision illustration, luck and sledding. Vegankid and I were wondering if we could turn Line Rider into a social experience. Sort of like a Line Rider version of PhotoShop Tennis.

Thus, Line Rider Badminton™ was created. The easiest way to play Line Rider Badminton™ is to save a local copy of the Line Rider .swf file. The .swf file can be saved anywhere on your computer.

I discovered that Line Rider tracks are saved in a locally hosted folder. For windows users, the path is located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\e\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\58GDNSJJ\localhost\savedLines.sol

Vegankid uses a mac…hey VK, where are .sol’s located on mac’s?

After you have located your .sol (pun intended :) ), create a track (examples of Line Rider awesomeness are below…), name the track, and save it. Your .sol file size will change each time you save a track or update a track. This is an easy way to determine if you are editing the correct file.

To play Line Rider Badminton™, simply email your saved .sol file to your Line Rider Badminton™ challenger. They can then replace their .sol file with your file. Note, it is prudent to move your original .sol to another folder on your computer so you can retain your original work. I have a folder full of folders of .sol’s. You could say that I collect .sol’s ;-)

Line Rider Badminton™ rules are as follows:

  1. Create and save tracks
  2. Archive a copy of your .sol
  3. Email your .sol to your friend
  4. Your friend has 1 hour to modify your .sol and send it back.

Thus a back and forth volley of .sol’s can commence ending in numerous flips, jumps, loops, and illustration. A winner is declared after a dialogue regarding the technical and aesthetic qualities of each players entry.

Examples of amazing Line Rider creations:

13 thoughts on “Line Rider: Trading Lines and .Sol’s”

  1. Line Rider Badminton!!! btw, i’m still waiting for the volley back;) for Mac users, you can find you sol somewhere like:

    HD: Users: username: library: preferences: Macromedia: Flash Player: #SharedObjects: 43RULYKRR: localhost

    or you can do it the easy way and use your live search option to just find savedLines.sol. its a hell of a lot faster than typing through all those folders.

    and what i’ve started doing instead of saving the sols in a new folder is just to rename them. the latest one is always savedLines.sol (or else it won’t work), and the older ones are renamed savedLines2.sol, savedLines3.sol, etc. so the highest number will be the last version before the volley… in case things go horribly wrong.

    you forgot the fifth rule: Don’t Move The Start Point. i’ve discovered that its virtually impossible to put it back in the exact same place. and being even one pixel off will fuck up the rest of your track.

  2. hi, i dont really get what you mean by sol files can you fill me in a little more.

    (i know what it does i just dont know how to do it techdawg i dont know if you know him but he told me to serch for it and i cant fine it on my c drive

  3. .Sol files are generated when you use Line Rider and save your tracks. If you have saved a track then you should be able to search for “*.sol”.

    Line Rider Badminton is a little harder than PhotoShop Tennis since it’s a lot easier to edit .psd files ;-)

  4. i found that if you open linerider and highlight the track u want in the load/save track menu and hit crl + c and then open where u want to put it and hit crtl + v it will save a copy of the .sol file there

  5. when i copy my .sol file from one computer to another, something is changed! The little guy on its sledge doesn’t have the same speed and so it doesn’t run the track properly. Do you have any experience with that? (Track was created on a fast linux computer, but running it on a slower windows PC, the “speed” gets higher)

  6. Sorry TB. I have not seen this issue before. In fact, I have not played around with Line Rider for quite a while. I need to re-open my tracks and start up some new line rider badminton matches!

  7. omfg THANK YOU so much!
    when i saved the lr game on the desktop, and saved a track, i searched for .sol on my computer, and found out that the .sol files are saved in /local(something) so i took my tracks off the internet and put them on my comp.


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