Apple’s new iPhone commercial

Apple iPhone Hello screenshots

I recently blogged about Apple’s “Hello” commercial for the iPhone. The ad featured 24 white men, 6 white women, and 1 African American man.

So I guess it is safe to assume then that Apple is marketing the iPhone to white folks + Sam Jackson aficionados.


The advertisement does not feature any Latinos, Native Americans, or Asian Americans. Samuel L. Jackson as the token African American in the commercial does not imply to me that African American folks are in Apple’s target marketing demographic.

I perused the mac-blogosphere to see if anyone else took umbrage with the iPhone “Hello” ad. I left a few comments on a couple mac blogs. The response from other commenters was that Apple was using “recognizable characters” and that Hollywood was to blame.

Alright, I have a background in marketing/pr, let’s make a new ad for the iPhone.

This time the commercial will feature 24 African American men, 6 African American women, and Harrison Ford. Or 24 Latinos, 6 Latinas, and Will Smith. Or 24 Asian American women, 6 Asian American men,…you get the idea.

Now, is this ad selling the iPhone to white people? Yes, if you agree with the premise that the original “Hello” ad is selling the iPhone to people of color. Do you agree? (I don’t)

Apple’s marketers have succumbed to the white supremacy that is in most television commercials. White folks in ad spots are seen as “normal” or “everybody,” whereas an ad that featured an overwhelming majority of people of color would be seen as marketing towards a specific demographic.

I sent an email to several of Apple’s press contacts to see if they were aware that their iPhone ad was contributing to white supremacy. I am still waiting for a response…