Campus newspaper theft

Oregon State University Daily Barometer kiosk

The campus newspaper at Oregon State University, the Daily Barometer, published a story on Friday about a recent drug bust that involved several OSU students.

After a month-long investigation, police from Albany, Corvallis and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office have arrested seven Corvallis residents in connection with a drug-trafficking ring.

Six of those connected, arrested on April 14 and 15, were OSU students.

The men were arrested on accusations of distributing cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy in the area.

I had seen the story on another Oregon news site Friday morning, but was unable to find a copy of the Daily Barometer when I arrived to campus. I checked the Barometer’s website today to find an interesting announcement on the homepage:

This morning, many of the Barometer kiosks were found empty. Staff of the Barometer has confirmed that the paper was delivered.

It seems that a majority of the 7,000 copies had been removed from the kiosks and dumped in dumpsters and recycling bins.

If you have any information regarding the theft of The Daily Barometer on Friday, April 18, please contact Editor in Chief Lauren Dillard by e-mailing or calling 737-3191.

I highly doubt that this is just a coincidence. This type of occurrence seems to happen quite frequently on college campuses. A negative event happens involving students, the campus newspaper prints a story (usually featured on the front page above the fold), and someone destroys or steals the majority of that particular edition of the paper.

6 thoughts on “Campus newspaper theft”

  1. P.S. The drug bust article received 1200+ reads online. The top read article of an average day varies from 200 to 400 views.

    If the theft’s intent was to prevent people from reading the story it was quite a failure. :-)

  2. Can we add suppression of public information to the list of charges (isn’t that a violation of my Constitutional rights?)

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