Ben Harper in concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater

Ben Harper is one of my favorite artists…11 years since I first heard him play live in Chicago and he just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy this set over a nice cup of coffee. Cheers!

CBS seems to have messed up their embed code…here’s the link to all of the songs and videos over at Ben Harper’s website.

A band that I’ve been listening to for a very long time

I love that Jason and Mike have been able to keep making music for all these years…The Nadas have been one of my favorite bands ever since I was an undergrad at the University of Northern Iowa. I think it’s pretty funny that they just busted out Eye of the Tiger in Philadelphia!

6 tracks that I’ve been spinning lately…
[audio:,,,,,|titles=Whisper,Far Away,Where Im Going,Now That I Found You,Bitter Love,Long Goodbye]

Life, love, change, and the future.

The Nadas

The Nadas

Listen to “Feels Like Home”

I’ve been listening to the Nadas for quite a while. At least 12 years of auditory enjoyment. I remember seeing them perform at the OP in Cedar Falls, Iowa while I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa. I’ve seen them perform at venues in Iowa, in Chicago, IL and at a friends wedding in Minnesota. I’ve watched these guys grow up while I myself was maturing. When the inevitable occurs and the Nadas retire/break-up, I’m going to be bummed out. They have been a musical constant in my eclectic musical collection. I wonder if they’ll ever make it out to Oregon for a gig?

Listen to “Blue Lights”

Listen to “Coming Home”

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John Mayer + concert + audio

John Mayer audio from concert in Noblesville Indiana download flac files to listen

John Mayer allows audio recording at most concerts. This is a good thing. Audio of the entire John Mayer show from July 5th in Noblesville, Indiana is available via John Mayer’s website. The concert is in .flac format. It’s a lossless format which means that anyone who listens to it automatically wins.

The audio can be downloaded two different ways. First, you could download each .flac audio file individually from the Internet Archive.

Or, you could download the entire show using a torrent client.

Note, a lot of audio playback apps do not support .flac files. Fortunately, one of my faves, the VLC media player (free + works on almost all OS’s) easily plays .flac files in all of their lossless awesomeness.

John Mayer photo from the actual show in Indiana courtesy of thecon12.

Bone Voyage


Some of you know that I used to play the trombone in high school and in college. Many of you were not aware of this particular facet of my persona.

The Airmen of Note Bone Voyage Trombone Album

One of my favorite trombone-based albums is the obscure and amazingly-named “Bone Voyage” by the Airmen of Note. Bone Voyage features some of the craziest jazz trombone recordings that I have ever heard. They must have had some well developed embouchures.

The entire album is available online and it’s been converted from the original LP into 64 kbps MP3 format.

1. Day In, Day Out [audio:]

2. Blue Gardenia [audio:]

3. Twisted [audio:]

4. Trumpeter’s Prayer [audio:]

5. It Ain’t Necessarily So [audio:]

6. And We Will Love Again [audio:]

7. Don’t Cry Out Loud [audio:]

8. Alone Together [audio:]

9. A Time For Love [audio:]

10. Easy to Love [audio:]

11. Softly, As I Leave You [audio:]

12. Till We’re Together Again [audio:]