Bone Voyage


Some of you know that I used to play the trombone in high school and in college. Many of you were not aware of this particular facet of my persona.

The Airmen of Note Bone Voyage Trombone Album

One of my favorite trombone-based albums is the obscure and amazingly-named “Bone Voyage” by the Airmen of Note. Bone Voyage features some of the craziest jazz trombone recordings that I have ever heard. They must have had some well developed embouchures.

The entire album is available online and it’s been converted from the original LP into 64 kbps MP3 format.

1. Day In, Day Out [audio:]

2. Blue Gardenia [audio:]

3. Twisted [audio:]

4. Trumpeter’s Prayer [audio:]

5. It Ain’t Necessarily So [audio:]

6. And We Will Love Again [audio:]

7. Don’t Cry Out Loud [audio:]

8. Alone Together [audio:]

9. A Time For Love [audio:]

10. Easy to Love [audio:]

11. Softly, As I Leave You [audio:]

12. Till We’re Together Again [audio:]