The Nadas

The Nadas

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I’ve been listening to the Nadas for quite a while. At least 12 years of auditory enjoyment. I remember seeing them perform at the OP in Cedar Falls, Iowa while I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa. I’ve seen them perform at venues in Iowa, in Chicago, IL and at a friends wedding in Minnesota. I’ve watched these guys grow up while I myself was maturing. When the inevitable occurs and the Nadas retire/break-up, I’m going to be bummed out. They have been a musical constant in my eclectic musical collection. I wonder if they’ll ever make it out to Oregon for a gig?

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For a band with nearly 15 years behind them, the Nadas sure marked a lot of firsts with their new album, The Ghosts Inside These Halls. The roots rockers’ sixth studio release is their first produced by the band, their first recorded in their hometown of Des Moines, and their first as a fivesome. But perhaps most notably, it’s their first time truly baring their souls. “We have always been very honest in our music, but with this record we have allowed ourselves to be totally exposed,” explains singer/guitarist Jason Walsmith, who co-founded the Nadas with fellow singer/guitarist Mike Butterworth as Iowa State University students in the early 1990s. “It’s raw and open. We’re also very comfortable with who we are as a band and as musicians and I think that comes through in the record. We aren’t pretending to be anyone or act like a band we aren’t.”

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