Enrollment Management update 3/14/07

Admissions 2.0:
Dan and Blake will be facilitating a web conference in April (Tuesday, 4/24/07) entitled, “Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization in Admissions

Admissions directors, enrollment managers, marketers, and web editors will leave this web conference with cost-effective ideas on how to make their admissions websites more search engine-friendly and easier for prospective students to find. Participants will explore principles of search engine optimization and web analytics and develop an understanding of how to use these tools to make informed decisions on the content and formatting of their admissions websites.

Holistic Admissions:
Oregon State University’s holistic admissions policy was recently featured in Inside Higher Education.com.

In holistic admissions, colleges evaluating applicants replace grids of grades and test scores with more individualized reviews of would-be students. The practice is most commonly associated with liberal arts colleges or with public universities at which affirmative action has been banned.

[Oregon State University] has managed to use holistic admissions to increase diversity and retention, and to do so without adding lots of admissions staffers. Michele Sandlin, director of admissions at Oregon State, outlined the program Thursday in Boston at the annual meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Web 2.0 primer:
Karine over at CollegeWebEditor.com has written a terrific primer on Web 2.0. The web 2.0 primer is available at the CASE website until April 15th, 2007. It’s a great read for anyone who works in enrollment management, university admissions and higher education marketing/public relations.

Web 2.0 might sound like tech jargon or just another buzzword, but it’s more than that–it’s a paradigm shift in communications that is greatly affecting education. This article defines the term and offers some background, describes how it relates to technology, outlines how and why Web 2.0 affects education, and offers a detailed description of the new mix of marketing and communications channels campuses should consider as part of a strategic communications plan.

Admissions Blogs and Communication to Stakeholders:
Ben Jones over at the MIT Admissions blog has written a users guide for online admissions decisions at MIT. Were prospective students interested in the post? You bet! Over 200 people commented on the post. It’s a great example of how a blog can provide students with important information that can be syndicated via rss.

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