Orientation video for incoming students

I shot about thirty minutes of video during commencement morning at OSU. It was a cloudy day (so unexpected here in Oregon!) so I amped up the color in iMovie. I asked our graduates if they had any advice for incoming students…”things they wish they had known as first-year students” ;-)

I had a lot of fun interviewing our students…I may make it an annual activity. We show the video at the completion of our college’s orientation session on day 1:

The hi-res version looks great on an auditorium screen.

Made with a Canon HF10, AZDEN Wireless Mics, and iMovie.

  • Every time I see a new post, I want to leave a comment that just says “Wow! A post! I thought this blog was defunct!”

    And then I don’t, except for this time, when I sort of did.

  • This is great. Simple but I bet has big impact.

  • this is a fun, great idea, well executed. Kudos.