-100 Webmaster hitpoints

I’ve been blogging for more than a year. I’ve been designing websites for almost 10 years. I create sites that are accessible, usable, and search engine friendly. Unfortunately, I recently discovered (by accident!) that my blog has been less than optimized for search engines. When I created the site, I used a custom theme and began to tweak it to my needs. At some point in my code-weaving, I removed this bit of code in the WordPress Header:

title bloginfo(‘name’) if ( is_single() ) { } wp_title(); /title

Instead of displaying context driven page titles, my site has simply rendered “Eric Stoller’s Blog” on every single page/post. I feel like a bad parent. As of today, my site is now displaying the appropriate contextually-based title: “Eric Stoller’s Blog >> Post/Page Title.”

Please accept my apologies for being a terrible webmaster. My guru status has been taken away. Google, Yahoo, et al., I hope that you can forgive me and give me a fresh index result :-)

3 thoughts on “-100 Webmaster hitpoints”

  1. you know, i code every site i do to meet W3C and AAA accessibility standards. but when it comes to my blog, i don’t pay any attention. its sad. its not cuz i don’t want to pay attention (you know my OCD coding behavior), its mostly cuz i hardly have time to blog, let alone to optimize my blog’s code. i keep telling myself that one of these days i will put some time into it. but for now i hang my head in shame. c’est la vie!

  2. I know! It can be really challenging to be both a blogger and a coder. It always seems like it’s either one or the other. If I’m optimizing or tweaking for web standards then I’m not posting/writing or vice versa. Gotta love the nuances of being a blogger who cares about the code ;-)

  3. indeed! i admit that i tend to do more coding (and designing) than i do writing. but i think that’s cuz i’m way more confident in my coding than i am with my writing (plus its pretty rare that anyone calls me names because of what or how i code).

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