QR Codes + Mobile Content = Win

banana republic QR code

Here’s a quick tip for marketing folks who are using QR Codes:

I received a personalized mailing from the Banana Republic a few days ago. On the last page of the mailer was a QR Code. I scanned the code and it took me to this YouTube video:

If you’re going to use QR Codes, please send folks who take the time to scan the code to mobile optimized web content. Taking me to a YouTube clip after I scanned the code was a great way to keep me interested. If I scan your QR Code and it takes me to a regular, non-mobile-optimized site, what’s the point? QR Codes only work if the content that is being delivered is relevant to me and my mobile device.

I’ve seen several QR Codes on posters recently. The codes grabbed my attention because they were prominently placed, but the post-scanned content was just a standard site. Remember, QR Codes + Mobile Content = Win.

4 thoughts on “QR Codes + Mobile Content = Win”

  1. Eric,

    Good tip on making sure QR codes point to content that is mobile friendly.

    Eric, I’m not sure a link to video is best though.

    I automatically block viewing video on my mobile, to save battery energy. Many people I know with smartphones also block video.

  2. I love QR codes and like you, curiosity always gets the better of me and I want to see where it leads to. Personally I find short videos a good way to get info across, but I can see Deborah’s point.

    The post did get me thinking though that as more and more students have web enabled phones, there is the potential to use these to obtain university online information on the go. Are these websites mobile optimized? Something to check out.

  3. Quick and awesome, to-the-point post, Eric. Gotta be optimized for mobile content. Couldn’t agree more.

    @Deborah I find it interesting you block video on your mobile, and many other you know do, too. I feel as though I know a lot of people with phones capable of playing YouTube videos, and none of them are blocking videos. It could be an oversight on my part, but interesting nonetheless.

  4. I think that there is a nice mix of folks who choose to watch videos on their mobile devices as well as folks who choose not to due to saving battery life. I know that I have watched a ton of YouTube clips on my Droid X and it doesn’t drastically impact the battery life of my phone. It really depends on the phones that users are carrying with them I suppose…

    Thanks for commenting everyone!

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