TweetDeck: The Best App for Twitter


I’ve been a big fan of TweetDeck for quite some time. It’s my go-to “mission control” app for Twitter. I generally have somewhere between 20 to 30 active panels of various searches, hashtags, and lists. The latest version of the TweetDeck desktop client incorporates “real-time streaming.” The nifty thing about TweetDeck is that it is available as a desktop client and as an app for iPhone, Android-based phones, and the iPad. If you want to leverage the power of Twitter as a communications and marketing platform, TweetDeck is by far the best free app for staying connected.

  • Tweetdeck has been a resource hog for me on both PC and Mac (though not on the iPhone). Is it a resource hog for you?

  • Not at all. It could be that your computers have not had enough ram? TweetDeck works brilliantly on my MacBook Pro.

  • Agreed! Tweetdeck is great. I feel a bit addicted to it.

    Also, it is not a resource hog on my PC, however I do find it slow and delayed every once and while.

  • That’s possible. My MBP only has 2 GB (and my work computer had 1 GB at the time). Do you run it concurrently with Firefox and iTunes? When I tried that, it was molasses central.

  • I’ve had no issues running TweetDeck, iTunes, and Firefox at the same time. My MBP has 2 GB of ram…plus, it’s an older model. I don’t have the uni-body version.

  • Menachem Mendel

    I have just identified Tweetdeck as the program that is slowing down my computer. I’ll have to either open it from time to time or find another option. I had a 3.5 year-old Macbook with 2 GB of Ram, so maybe that is part of the problem.

  • I’ve always preferred HootSuite. I find it has more features and I love the fact it has a web version.

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