Firefox 3 – Download Day

Download Day 2008

Download Day is Mozilla’s attempt to set a world record for the most software downloads in 24 hours and will occur on Firefox 3’s launch day occurring sometime in June.

via Crouch Consulting (I can’t believe I’m giving Crouch link juice ;-) )

If 5 million people download Firefox 3 on Download Day, Mike Morgan will give every Corvallis resident a free iPhone. That’s the completely fabricated rumor…

Wells Fargo Financial

Wells Fargo Financial
I would like to introduce Wells Fargo Financial to my favorite web browser – Firefox. Apparently, the uber high tech features of the Wells Fargo Financial website are only accessible to Internet Explorer (note, they only list versions 5 and 6!), Netscape Navigator (is it 1999?), and the ever popular America Online browser!

Firefox users (as well as anyone using Safari) who attempt to login to the Wells Fargo Financial website will be greeted by the following Firefox-unfriendly message:

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