Wells Fargo Financial

Wells Fargo Financial
I would like to introduce Wells Fargo Financial to my favorite web browser – Firefox. Apparently, the uber high tech features of the Wells Fargo Financial website are only accessible to Internet Explorer (note, they only list versions 5 and 6!), Netscape Navigator (is it 1999?), and the ever popular America Online browser!

Firefox users (as well as anyone using Safari) who attempt to login to the Wells Fargo Financial website will be greeted by the following Firefox-unfriendly message:

We support the following browsers. If your browser does not meet Wells Fargo’s security standards, please follow the download instructions below.

Note: We strongly recommend that your computer be running one of the operating systems listed below, and be connected to the internet using one of the browser versions indicated.

Netscape® 6.XX and 7.XX

* Netscape Navigator/Communicator Upgrade for Windows
* Netscape Upgrade for Macintosh

Microsoft® Internet Explorer (MSIE) 5.X – 6.XX

* MSIE Upgrade for Windows

America Online® 4.0 – AOL 8.0 for Windows; use with MSIE 5.X – 6.0

* America Online Browser Upgrade

Umm. Did I miss something? Isn’t it 2008? The redirect page for us non-Netscape, Firefox users lists a copyright of 2005. Perhaps Wells Fargo is still relying on a stagecoach for their mail and browsers like Netscape and MSIE 5 for surfing the web? This is ridiculous!

The only way that I can access my account is to run Internet Explorer from within Parallels! Arggghhh! :(

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  1. way out of date. Not to mention the standard AOL browser has been 9.0, then 9.0 SE for like 3 + years now.

    So basically they aren’t up to date on any of the browsers. This may be so far out of date that firefox wasn’t even popular

  2. This is one of the reasons I like Opera – it can pretend to be Firefox or IE (and maybe even Safari, I’m not sure).

    It doesn’t always fool every website, but it worked enough for me.

  3. I don’t know if it’s dusty or not. I only use it when both Firefox and Safari don’t work on a website (the last time was probably 6 months ago or so). It’s probably still on my OS because it came with my ibook way back in 2004, and I’ve kept copying everything over. Which also explains my laptop keeps getting slower.

  4. Yeah, their new website is totally screwed in firefox. When I have the WF page open my Thinkpad autoscroll resizes the screen fonts AND when I click a link (on ANY TAB, not just the WF tab) it opens the link in a NEW tab AND it opens a blank tab. Close the WF site and FF returns to normal.

    WTG, WF.

  5. 1. The website itself is terrible and highly inconvenient for the customer and for us at customer service. We have a user admin and login is rediculous and is very behind the times.

    2. I recieve calls everyday questioning how to use the site. It increases call volume and wastes everyone’s time. It also causes people to get so frustrated that many customers would gladly pay a $10 pay by phone fee just to get the payment done with.

    3. On top of the difficulty of the website, if you have a payment due the same day it must be submitted by 3:00 central time. Considering that the majority of customers I service are from with west coast, it is completly backwards to have it at that time. So, let’s say you live in California and work unitll 5:00 pacific time. You will then have to have your payment in by 1:00 pm. That is very inconvenient.

    4. When the time comes to make your payment it will tell you that it will post the next day and to call customer service if you have a problem. (or that is generally happens and it is not a happy call) With that I have to explain why they will be late and be charged a $39 late fee.

    5. WFFB has absolutely no late fee grace periods and the worse cut off times ever. For some banks the actual transaction date is what they will go by, but the WFFB only recognizes post dates.

    6. If you are frustrated by the website or having your payment post the next day, you better hope it is befor 4:30 central time, because that is the payment by phone cut off time for same day postings.

    7. Now getting to this point, I was completly lost when a customer asked me why he cant use the website. I asked him what was happening and he read me compelety the browser information. So I asked him what browser he was using. I use Firefox as well and I that this was a joke or he was on the wrong site. I had to just tell him sorry and that he would have to use IE. We joked about it for awhile before I let him go, but I knew that was so wrong.

    8. The customer service themselves have to use IE it is an older verision, that lacks tabs or addons. We have to have about 2-5 pages open at a time to do our jobs and it is very cluttered.

    9. Wells Fargo Financial is not a very customer friendly company. They do not offer online banking. They have two websites with a very unuserfriendly interface, while this site is for online payments, the other is to view your statements. My question, as well as half the customers I speak to, is “Why the hell do you have two websites?”. The statements website has been redone and it is alot more user friendly, but this damn payment site is so terrible.

    10. With all that is wrong with WFFB I understand not having top of the line technology, but not really. It seems as if it more of a way to cut costs than anything. We finally had some upgrades done in customer service as well, but it is nothing compared to what most companies have. WFFB is due to merge with regular customer service in January so maybe things will change, but overall WFFB is a very unimpressive company. Their accounts have some of the highest APRs I have ever seen. If not for the lack of features, also do some research and you will see how bad doing business with WFFB, and don’t finance through this company.

  6. wells fargo NOT A CUSTOMER FRIENDLY COMPANY.. we have an account with them and found out this month our interest rate was doubled. when i called to inquire why? i was told ” you should have gotten a letter to tell you to either (not agree to rate increase) or accept. what kind of idiot would agree to a rate increase that doubled, if they had received the letter??? i did not receive letter and they refused to talk about it. also, as far as signing on to my account, i haven’t been able to do so in over 6 months. forget talking to customer service. i think like alot of businesses that use on line payment, you can’t sign on or they only accept one on line payment at a time. i guess they figure you’ll get frustrated and be late and accrue all those late fees???

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