Wells Fargo Financial

Wells Fargo Financial
I would like to introduce Wells Fargo Financial to my favorite web browser – Firefox. Apparently, the uber high tech features of the Wells Fargo Financial website are only accessible to Internet Explorer (note, they only list versions 5 and 6!), Netscape Navigator (is it 1999?), and the ever popular America Online browser!

Firefox users (as well as anyone using Safari) who attempt to login to the Wells Fargo Financial website will be greeted by the following Firefox-unfriendly message:

We support the following browsers. If your browser does not meet Wells Fargo’s security standards, please follow the download instructions below.

Note: We strongly recommend that your computer be running one of the operating systems listed below, and be connected to the internet using one of the browser versions indicated.

Netscape® 6.XX and 7.XX

* Netscape Navigator/Communicator Upgrade for Windows
* Netscape Upgrade for Macintosh

Microsoft® Internet Explorer (MSIE) 5.X – 6.XX

* MSIE Upgrade for Windows

America Online® 4.0 – AOL 8.0 for Windows; use with MSIE 5.X – 6.0

* America Online Browser Upgrade

Umm. Did I miss something? Isn’t it 2008? The redirect page for us non-Netscape, Firefox users lists a copyright of 2005. Perhaps Wells Fargo is still relying on a stagecoach for their mail and browsers like Netscape and MSIE 5 for surfing the web? This is ridiculous!

The only way that I can access my account is to run Internet Explorer from within Parallels! Arggghhh! :(