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Using RSS to conduct a student affairs job search

Conducting a successful student affairs job search requires patience, networking, and technology. That’s right, technology. One particular tech tool that is extremely useful for conducting a search is RSS. Job postings delivered to your feed reader via RSS means that new job announcements are efficiently delivered to your virtual doorstep.

If you aren’t familiar with using RSS, please watch this video for more information:

If you need an RSS feed reader, I would highly recommend using Google Reader:

There are a few student affairs websites that offer job postings via RSS feeds, including:

Remember to look for the RSS symbol – RSS Symbol – or for a link to RSS data. Ideally, all student affairs job sites will offer RSS feeds in the near future as this makes conducting a search ultra-convenient.

An alternative to RSS feeds for job postings is the “Email Alert.” Several sites offer email alerts based on a variety of search queries. ACPA, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Placement Exchange, and the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium all offer student affairs job search updates via email alerts.

In addition to the RSS and Email solutions mentioned above, most student affairs associations / higher education news sites offer job listings on their websites. Here are direct links to the student affairs job listings for the following associations / resource sites.

Student Affairs jobs via professional associations:

Student Affairs jobs via higher education publications / job sites:

  • Teri

    Great info Eric-love how you make the technology seem approachable & less complicated.
    This is a huge gift to those in the hunt for the right position. Thank you! #usingyourgifts :-)

    One of my favorite sites: It allows candidates to search quickly geographically (sort by state, university -then go directly to the HR job page)
    Also: William Spelman Executive Search

  • Kevin R. Guidry

    Great lists of resources!

    I hope things have changed, but when I was job searching a few years ago I found that the large, national listings were woefully insufficient. Most of the jobs to which I applied were *only* listed on the institutions’ websites. After a few weeks of job searching, I had compiled a pretty large list of institutional employment websites and I would rotate through all of them on a regular basis. Of course, I always suspected that most of those jobs were not prominently advertised anywhere because the institution was not conducting a “real” job search and was not really interested in outside applicants.

  • Andrew Careaga

    Yet another great way to leverage the power of RSS for professional development. Thanks.\ for the idea.

  • Eric Stoller

    The Placement Exchange now offers an RSS feed for new job postings!!! How cool is that!!!

  • Joanne

    How about a listing for Canada? Thanks!

    • CACUSS/ASEUCC offers all canadian student affairs job postings, but not on RSS yet.

    • Eric Stoller

      @5ae7653a8ea380f101c61a38d121b113:disqus Great suggestion. Once the awesome folks at @twitter-279172867:disqus create RSS listing for positions, I’ll definitely update the post. In addition to CACUSS, are there any other sites that you would recommend for student affairs jobs in Canada? Any with RSS feeds would be even better! Thanks!

  • Eric Stoller

    Hi Joanne,
    NACADA lists position openings in Canada on their site….The Placement Exchange also offers listings from Canada. Hope this helps…if you know of other RSS listings/websites for Canadian job listings, please feel free to share them and I will update the post.


  • Christine Udeani

    Great tips on using RSS. I already use RSS but technologies just keep changing, its hard to keep up.

  • Lori

    Although I already commented on your LinkedIn post, I wanted to give you kudos again! You are my tech Yoda! Thanks again!

  • John Adams

    Thanks for this information. Great post!

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