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Subtitles + Common Craft = Awesome

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I’m a big fan of the Common Craft Show. They take complicated concepts and translate them into “plain English”. I was perusing the Common Craft site yesterday when I noticed that they provide links to subtitled versions of their videos via dotSUB.

Here’s an entertaining and accessible (for people with auditory impairments) video called “Zombies in plain English”:

Another benefit of dotSUB is that they provide a transcript of the subtitled text in plain text. This plain text is extremely useful for users who want to access the Common Craft Show content using a screenreader like JAWS or Window-Eyes.

Written by Eric Stoller

December 31st, 2008 at 3:19 pm

  • Mollybob

    I didn’t know they providede subtitles! That’s such a cool idea. I love common craft stuff. I have used it to help explain concepts countless times.

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