Strands Beta
Strands is a web-based social media aggregator with a twist. Strands is currently in beta (I have 2 invites, if you want one let me know) and it currently pulls in my personal feeds from Flickr, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and a few other sites.

“Strands helps people discover new things from people they care about. Strands gives users the ability to record their activities and keep track of their friends across multiple social networks and services. Based on your aggregated activities, Strands enables discovery of new things based on your own behaviors as well as those of your friends and influencers.”

Strands (the company) also happens to be located in Corvallis, Oregon! They sent me that spiffy t-shirt after I sent them an email…the site is still in beta so there are definitely still some issues, but overall, it looks promising.

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