Iowa Road Closures

flooding in center point iowa completely erases roadway

From the Iowa Department of Transportation:

Flooding continues to affect many roadways in the state, according to Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) officials. Iowans are urged to closely monitor conditions and never enter a water-covered roadway.

Travelers are reminded to avoid flooded areas so emergency vehicles and equipment can be mobilized to the impacted areas. Due to congestion on remaining available roads, Iowans are asked to postpone any unnecessary trips.

Areas where travel is not recommended due to mandatory evacuations:

  • Portions of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.
  • The entire communities of Fredonia, Columbus Junction, Montour, Oakville, Iowa; and Oquawka, Ill.

cedar river in iowa floods roads

Due to the current evacuation of the community of Gulfport, Ill., and a section of Burlington, Iowa, the Iowa Department of Transportation is asking motorists to avoid this area until such time that emergency missions can be completed. This includes U.S. 34 between Iowa and Illinois, and the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi River. The highway and bridge are OPEN. This request is to limit nonessential travel, and protect the safety of evacuees and responders.

Flooding in Iowa at the Cedar River

Photos from KCRG-TV9’s Iowa flood coverage.

2 thoughts on “Iowa Road Closures”

  1. Eric,
    thanks to your blog my brother (in NY) and I (in DC) were able to keep track of our hometown and follow its fight against the Cedar and Iowa rivers. Rivers that we grew up on and grew to love, but respect so much – even more now.
    A graduate of CJHS in 1982, it’s been a while since I “lived” in the CJ area (I’m from Conesville), but my mom lives in Fredonia. She was evacuated Saturday morning to the L-M school. Scared and tired, she was relieved to return to her childhood home in Fredonia today and discover it COMPLETELY DRY! we consider ourselves extremely lucky. many in this tiny community and across the Iowa river in CJ are not so fortunate. Our hearts and thoughts go out to this community. CJ is built on the backs of strong, independent and wonderfully full-hearted folks. They’ll need all of that and more to reclaim their town from the river that gives “Junction” its name. GOD SPEED.

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