Flooding + Road Damage in Iowa

Iowa Floods of 2008 - Birdland Area

The damage caused by flooding to Iowa’s roadways is phenomenal. The road in this video looks like an earthquake occurred. The flood waters went right through the road. This video was shot by some Iowa DOT employees:

This clip from Vinton, Iowa shows how floodwaters sliced right through the roadway…

More flooded Iowa road videos after the jump…
(photograph via the Iowa Floods of 2008 Flickr Group)

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Iowa Road Closures

flooding in center point iowa completely erases roadway

From the Iowa Department of Transportation:

Flooding continues to affect many roadways in the state, according to Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) officials. Iowans are urged to closely monitor conditions and never enter a water-covered roadway.

Travelers are reminded to avoid flooded areas so emergency vehicles and equipment can be mobilized to the impacted areas. Due to congestion on remaining available roads, Iowans are asked to postpone any unnecessary trips.

Areas where travel is not recommended due to mandatory evacuations:

  • Portions of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.
  • The entire communities of Fredonia, Columbus Junction, Montour, Oakville, Iowa; and Oquawka, Ill.

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