Aerial photos of Iowa flooding

dike fails in Columbus Junction Iowa massive flooding occurs
Here are some aerial photographs of flooding in Iowa from Columbus Junction, Fredonia, Lake Odessa and Muscatine. The images of flooding in Columbus Junction are unbelievable. My mom told me that floodwaters were as high as the pop machines at the Economart in Columbus Junction and that was after some of the flood waters had receded!

Columbus Junction before the levee failed

Columbus Junction Iowa floods after levee fails due to high water levels in the cedar and iowa rivers

More aerial photographs of flooding in Southeast Iowa after the jump…
(Photographs courtesy of D. Stacy Lewis of Stacy-Lewis and Wittich-Lewis Home for Funeral and Cremation Services of Columbus Junction and Muscatine.)

I uploaded all 54 aerial photographs to my Flickr account: “Aerial Photos of Flooding in Southeast Iowa.”

Dike Broke 8-30 PM (11)

Dike Broke 8-30 PM (6)

Dike Broke 8-30 PM (10)

Dike Broke 8-30 PM (1)

Dike Broke 8-30 PM

Dike broke 8-00 PM (5)

Dike broke 8-00 PM (1)

CJ Dike 4-30 PM to 5-23PM (14)

CJ Dike 4-30 PM to 5-23PM (6)

6 thoughts on “Aerial photos of Iowa flooding”

  1. Omg. Omg. Omg. These are just horrible to see. Just horrible.

    My thoughts continue to stay with you and your family and your community Eric…

  2. We forgot to buy bread in Washington and I said lets just run down to Economart. The next second I realized what I had said and that we can’t just run down to Economart that’s why we had gone to Washington for groceries in the first place:( I really hope town is ok and gets rebuilt ASAP. I feel sorta guilty having a CJ mailing address and living outside of town having our own well and not going through what the rest of CJ has to go through right now.

  3. I moved away 5 years ago, I still try to keep updated a little on whats going on around that area. I seen this website and took a look at it manly becuase of the names on it. I know I would see emotional pistures here. I seen these and it brought tears to my eyes. I had worked at Economart though High school and after. This was unrealistic to see.

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