7 thoughts on “Yurting in Newport, OR”

  1. To DC and others- Oregon State Parks are now opening up a couple yerts for pet use on a trial basis – beginning May 2009. One of the yerts is here in the South Beach campground. I also had been wanting to try it, but I hate leaving my lab at home. He wants to be right there with me, especially at the beach! I’m calling next week for a spot at the beginning of the summer.

    I think the parks system will find that the dogs are never the problem….it is only bad owners/campers that cause the issues. And many of them were going to make issues, be obnoxiously loud, and leave a mess without a dog ever being present to begin with. Hopefully the park administration will see the benefit of opening up more yerts (and cabins) for campers with pets in the future. So DC, get on the phone and make your reservation now! Finally we (dog owners) can get a chance to try this out too!


  2. Some people prefer state parks without domesticated animals. Dogs are already given free rein to defecate and urinate in our streets. For people who choose to live without dogs and cats for reasons of allergy or lack of interest in the habits of overbred animals, the desirability of pet-free lodging should not be underestimated. Perhaps, as dogs increasingly colonize our municipal parks, a similar trend might be established on the state level, whereby dog owners self-segregate into the “community” that already, for many, seem to be the reason sine qua non to own a dog in the first place.

    That said, enjoy your dog.

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