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I ran into a reader of my site yesterday. She whispered my name to her friend and said that I look different in person than I do on my blog ;-)

This post is inspired by her comments…

This post is an open invitation for all my readers to post a comment. Say hello, post a link to your site, tell us all your real name, talk about your summer, let me know if I need more posts about trombones, etc.

It’s a comments free-for-all. Don’t be shy :-)

14 thoughts on “Open for comment”

  1. Okay, I’ll bite. I found your blog through OR Blogs, which is find most local blogs. I’m taking a good long break from my own blog, but I still like to keep up on what everyone else is doing.

    And now you’re working in the department that holds my major at school, so I may be in your office at some point. ; )

  2. I think I have commented enough to not need to identify myself as a reader! :) But for what’s it worth, here is the link to my old blog. I want to start a new in the near future but it is a matter of getting the time to do it.

    The Grayson Buzz
    (Careful, Eric, there is some pretty hard right wing stuff in there! :) )

  3. Corvallist – If you’re ever in the office, stop in and say hello :-)

    Crouch – LOL. “Premium linkage.” I love sharing the juice!

    FinanceBuzz – The link to your site is not working… You seem to have lots of time…at least when it comes to commenting over here :-)

  4. Hi! I’m Vic. I like ice cream, long walks on the beach, and the letter Q. I also enjoy beer, watching my Chicago Cubs, and playing video games. I also like hopping on and saying hello to Eric! *HI ERIC!* /me waves. And a hearty hello to Wendy as well! Hope your summer is going well :)

  5. I think you look exactly the same in person as you do online. Lines of letters in various fonts and sizes, yellow smileys, fuschia edges and all!

    Can’t post a link to my blog b/c it’s on myspace and is set to private (heh heh, let the myspace bashing begin) …

    My summer is going GREAT – I have four weeks and two days left to finish drafting my thesis, my daughter broke her arm on Tuesday but is doing astonishingly well (I think she is enjoying being a mini-celebrity at her summer camp, actually!), and I’m going out dancing tomorrow night (oh, here’s a link:!

    I’m indifferent to trombones, but we could all discuss building egalitarian relationships!

    Back to work now …

  6. @Vic – LOL. “The letter Q.” :-) Summer is going well. I’ve been enjoying the new job and loving the weather in Oregon. How are things at your new job?

    @Michelle – I was too afraid to ask what she meant by her comment… ;-) Yes, if only I incorporated more fuschia into my wardrobe… Ugh. If only we could get you to set up something like: so we could all read your stuff :-)

    I’m glad things are going well with the thesis and that your daughter is doing well. I hope she has received lots of doodles on her cast :-)

    Let me link the site so that it will get some link juice: Rumbanana – promoting Cuban music and dance.

    Trombone indifference…so sad :-P

  7. hi eric! i haven’t been reading yr blog fer that long but, of course, i learned about it from michael faris and a whole host of other corvallis queers :D. i have an LJ that i don’t use all too often (, though i might start posting more when i move away (a week from today!) hope yr having a super-duper summer! –sarah (burghauser)

  8. It was a long, hot day. I sat idly in a coffee shop, trying to make the hours pass a little quicker with the company of a good friend. My mind was wandering when at the cash register I saw a familiar face. My mind raced. Who was this person? Will it turn into another encounter where a person remembers my name and I not theirs? Will the moment pass but the question of his identity linger throughout the day? Then it struck me. This was the notorious Eric Stoller. The man behind the thought provoking blog I’ve been reading throughout the year. In fact, catching up on his blog entries had filled my afternoon before coming to the coffee shop. I was star struck. I quickly told my friend of this exciting discovery. No later was he headed to our table, inquiring after our conversation about him. I introduced myself as the fan I am, complimenting him on his informative, consciousness raising blogs. I of course asked for his autograph, as any true fan would. Sadly, this was taken as a joke and after he left I had no proof of our meeting. If nothing else, it humanized this local celebrity for me, knowing that the writer of this blog is in fact wandering the same streets and frequenting the same coffee shops as I. And this, done all in the same orange parka as seen in the glamor shot on the website.

  9. Eric,
    I ran into your blog while searching for a quote from Rev. M. L. King Finished my own post and added your link “for further reference.”

    All the best!


    Brian D-L

  10. @Sarah – Welcome aboard! I’m sad that you’re moving away but I’m glad that I’ll be able to read your blog :-)

    @Molly – Funniest comment…ever! I need to autograph something and send it to you. Any suggestions?

    @Brian D-L – Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I don’t remember how I found your blog, I’ve been looking at lots of blogs lately. All the feminist blogs link to each other, haha. But I really like yours, and I think I’m going to read that book about being white. And if I lived in the vicinity of Rumbanana, I would so be there.

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