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The web site statistics for my presence in bloglandia have increased quite a bit since January 2007. Prior to September 2006 I was primarily blogging at my Oregon State University web account. I transitioned the OSU account over to in September. Web statistics for September 2006 to January 2007 were fairly consistent: 2,000+ Unique Visits and about 4,000 Page Views.

In February 2007 I made a few search engine optimization tweaks and had referral links from sites with significant traffic. I’ve been getting 5,000+ Unique Visits and 7,500+ Page Views for the last four months. Organic Google searches represent the biggest piece of my site stats pie. I’m not sure if I can double my site stats every four months, but it would be kind of neat if I could.

I’m still using StatCounter and Google Analytics for my web statistics information.

The most popular posts on my blog are:

4 thoughts on “Website traffic + Popular posts”

  1. Wow! Congratulations and keep up the good work – hope you will still have time now that you’ll be busy with your new job! :-)

  2. Mr. Popular :)
    That’s really cool that you get so much traffic. Too bad you didn’t set this up to make money off it (or did you…) jk.

    It was wonderful to see you at the wedding. Sorry I didn’t see much of you. I think I was feeding Maya when you left :( If only I had the opportunity to make you dance. People really started to get down – limbo and all! I’m sure you would have done great at that!

    Come visit sometime. I’ll prepare something for you with the best knives ever! You are something else :)

  3. MM: I’m trying to flood my site with posts before I start my new job ;-)

    T: I tried to monetize my site for a little while. I didn’t get enough traffic to earn anything measurable so I took the ads off of the site. I’m glad you were feeding Maya. It kept me from dancing ;-)

    Yes, I am known far and wide for my unbelievable limbo skills.

    We hope you and S enjoy the knives. We have the same 7 inch wustof santoku. It’s amazing! It’s like a lightsaber but without the cauterization.

    I would ditch the free cutting board that came with the knife though. It’s not very robust. I prefer the Epicurean brand of boards. They are lightweight and indestructible.

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