New job

Hooray! I have a new job. Starting on June 14th, I will be the new Academic Advisor for OSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

  • Job Searching = Countless hours of searching, writing, calling, meeting, etc.
  • Interviews = 5
  • Resumes/Cover Letters = A lot
  • Finding a position where you get to connect with students and work with a great staff = priceless!

This position supports the College of Health and Human Sciences Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Mission by providing “accurate, consistent, timely and compassionate academic advising to all who visit.”

Responsibilities will include advising undergraduate students in the College of Health and Human Sciences regarding educational/career goals, advising undergraduate students with course scheduling, and University/College requirements.

Represents the College (Departments of Nutrition and Exercise Science, Public Health, Design and Human Environment, and Human Development and Family Sciences) at recruitment, orientation and retention events. Provide College/Department and current University information to prospective students and those changing majors. Assist with preparing College printed materials and presentations.

22 thoughts on “New job”

  1. Fantastic! Congratulations, Eric :)

    Looks like we’re new job buddies. I had four interviews and a few sleepless nights stressing out about said interviews, but today I accepted a job offer at a software developing company here in the Loop.

    Yay us!

  2. Congrats man!

    Yes, finding a position that seems promisiing with staff, etc. is priceless!

    I’m sure you’ll keep the blogosphere up to date.

  3. Congrats Eric! Did you wear your signature Sauconies with that suit? A nice orange would have matched the tie. ;)

    Congrats again, job hunting can be rough, but when it finally pays off it feels great.

  4. Congratulations, Eric! I am very, very proud of you and I know that you will provide excellent service to students.
    Best wishes always,
    Tom in Ottumwa

  5. Hey Stoller!
    Thanks for the call! I’m so excited for you. And you get to work with Melanie! We love it here in UP but, there are times when we miss Corvallis. OSU is a great place to be.

    See you next weekend!

  6. Congratulations, Eric! I can’t think of anything thoughtful or profound to say right now, but glad this worked out for you! :)

  7. Hey, that’s awesome, Eric! Congratulations!

    Is this the same job that you were telling us about on the farm–the one that required those day-long interviews?

  8. Thanks everyone :-)

    BFP: I’m sure you’ll find something in less time than me.

    Annzor: I need to get a pair of all black saucony shadows for my interview outfit ;-)

    DB: We will have to go to lunch and/or coffee.

    J.R.: Different job. This interview was only an hour long. It was less draining than some of the day-long, marathon interviews that I had last year.

  9. Congratulations Eric! Very exciting news indeed. My friend will be joining you up there as the other newbie in HHS. Through Melanie, I’ve met a couple of other folks there – you’re going into a very dynamic office. I’m sure you’ll bring your own special form of magnatism to the place. Hip, hip, hooray!

  10. Yeah! Congrats on your job! I haven’t been here in a while so I just read the news!
    OSU will be awesome to work for…I miss Corvallis!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of advising! (love the tie :)

  11. I’m very interested in Academic Advising as a career choice. However, I seem to be lacking applicable experience. I am currently considering graduate certification or an M.S. in Academic Advising, hoping to open some doors. Do you have any advice about breaking into the field or getting that first shot at an Academic Advising job?


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