There be whales here!

Well, at least one whale anyway. The SMILE Program at OSU with the assistance of some high school students from Oregon created a gigantic inflatable whale and placed it in the Memorial Union Quad last Friday. The web cam on the roof of Milam Hall recorded this timelapse video. I made it a little more dramatic with the addition of the theme from Jaws:

OSU Battle of the Bands timelapse

For your Sunday viewing, here’s a video timelapse featuring last Friday’s Battle of the Bands at Oregon State University. I uploaded this one to Vimeo. Their system retains more of the original video’s quality than uploads on YouTube. Rental 58 was one of the bands at this year’s event. Their lead singer, Matt, happens to be one of my favorite baristos.

OSU Snow in the Quad timelapse

It was 88° in the Oregon State University Memorial Union Quad last Thursday but we still had Snow in the Quad! Watch this timelapse video to see the entire day from the early morning to the end of the day. Note the gigantic pile of snow in the center of the quad!