Bloglines is offline

Bloglines is temporarily down

It is moments like this when I contemplate using an RSS client instead of a web-based service like Bloglines. “Bloglines is down temporarily. We will be back shortly.” They have been offline for quite a while now. Bloglines is not yet at the same level of unavailability as Twitter, but my RSS feeds are far more important to me than my tweets. Bloglines’ “Twister on drugs” background image is fun to look at, but only for a couple reloads.

3 thoughts on “Bloglines is offline”

  1. I’ve been still having problems with Bloglines being slow or not loading over the last few months. I’m using beta and figured some of these problems would be fixed by now. But it’s too much hassle to switch to something else.

  2. Yeah, Bloglines is disappointing me of late. Also, I am growing tired of the Twitter “Too many tweets” message. Get it together, Internet.

  3. I use Google Reader and love it. I can easily access all my feeds at work, at home and from my phone. Because I access feeds from multiple computers, I have shied away from a client-based reader in favor of a web option.

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