Levee breach in Columbus Junction

Parts of Columbus Junction inundated by 12 feet of water. My guess is that the Economart (CJ’s grocery store) as well as all the other businesses in that part of town have been impacted by this levee breach as that area of town is like a giant bowl.

Parts of Columbus Junction are under approximately 12 to 15 feet of water after the rising waters of the Iowa River breached the north-south portion of its permanent levee Saturday night.

City Councilman Hal Prior said the breach occurred shortly after 7 p.m. and parts of the city’s business district is now, temporarily, part of the Iowa River.

“It looked like a tidal wave came in,” Prior said, adding there were no homes in the area where the water gushed.

A temporary levee constructed this past week to protect the water plant broke earlier in the day.

via the Burlington Hawk Eye

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