Oregon State University smoke-free?

Oregon State University smoke-free
A lot of comments were submitted after I wrote a post in September titled, “OSU to be tobacco free“.

A smoke-free OSU might soon be a reality…

Students with Oregon State University’s Health Advisory Board are hoping to make the campus a little cleaner.

They’re looking into making oregon state a smoke-free campus, and have launched the fresh air initiative. Right now students have to be ten feet from a door if they want to light up.

“We’re still in the educating phase we’re trying to see what the campus wants to see something like this is going to effect the students, the staff and the faculty even visitors on campus,” says Sarah Ballini, Chair of the Student Health Advisory Board.

More meetings about going smoke-free are expected so the board can get more feedback from students and staff. Ballini says they’ll have a better idea in the spring if and when the policy will be implemented.

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