They say it’s your birthday. Da na na nah na na nah….well, almost.

Tomorrow is my birthday! Woohoo!

I’m sorry my blog has been so quiet lately. Consulting has me rather jammed at the moment.

Lastly, tomorrow is my birthday. I will be wearing my new grey suit and interviewing for a job with an office. Wish me luck! I’m ready to be around people during the day….

Oh and one last thing…if you know how old I’m going to be, please do not include my age in any comments. I’d rather keep my birth-year a secret from the identity collectors. Thanks.

13 thoughts on “Birthday”

  1. In one of the few instances in which I’m perfectly ok with my comment being completely and totally redundant … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. happy birthday eric–hope it’s the best in all ways possible and thanks for being on the planet.

  3. Oops! I’m a day late! Well, I sure hope it was nice… I’m sure no one made you a cool bell hooks card or anything, but I still hope it was nice!

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