I would love to be an Assistant Dean of Students

An Assistant Dean of Students position just popped up in my Bloglines feedreader (Don’t worry, I’ll post more on ways to search for a job in student affairs using rss feeds and email digests…).

This position looks like it was written for me…if only I had 2-3 more years of experience. Sigh.

Assistant Dean of Students

Position Description:

  • Assists in monitoring Student Affairs operations and serves as a resource and liaison for students, parents, faculty and staff.

Responsible for:

  • administration of the student conduct process
    I have significant experience with student conduct processes, conduct codes, hearing committees, sanctions, informal hearings, restorative justice, and legal issues
  • implementation of a new computerized database
    I’m familiar with at least one application that interfaces with SCT Banner. It’s by Pave Systems and it harnesses the data rich environment of Banner.
  • development and maintenance of the student affairs website editing and oversight of student affairs publications
    I have 8+ years of experience in website design, editing, accessibility/usability testing. 4+ years of graphic design. My promotional pieces at UIC were often voluntarily posted on residence hall doors.
  • assisting students with problem solving and making appropriate referrals
    This was 80% of my job at UIC…
  • staff development programs
    I created a technology workshop series at OSU and a weekly in-service for my colleagues at UIC.
  • development of programs and advocacy for commuter students
    My position at UIC was devoted to programming for students (majority were commuter students).


I have never met a student affairs practitioner who meets the necessary qualifications for this position…

Student Conduct + Database Implementation + Web Design + Publications Design + Student Development Theory. This is my dream job!

4 thoughts on “I would love to be an Assistant Dean of Students”

  1. You should apply anyways. You are superbly qualified, with the exception of that strange “years experience” that is, ultimately, subjectively determined by the hiring committee anyways. Talk to the person taking the application, and mention why you’re applying in your letter. What’ve you got to lose? Especially if this job is something you’ve wanted to do for a while…

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