11 people named Eric Stoller

Stoller family crest

According to HowManyOfMe.Com, there are 11 Eric Stollers in the United States. Eric is the 52nd most popular US name. 2,430 people have Stoller as a last name. This means that they also get to listen to mispronounced versions of Stoller.

“Stroller, is there a Stroller here?” No, it’s Stoller.

People always tell me that I can’t go on escalators — no strollers allowed. That makes me laugh.

Stoller. It sounds like bowler. Stoller. It’s Swiss/German. The graphic is the Stoller coat of arms/family crest.

Spelling variations include: Stolle, Stol, Stoller, Stole, Stohl, Stolhe and many more.

First found in Switzerland, in the canton of Zürich, where the name Stolle was closely identified in early medieval times with the feudal society which would become prominent throughout European history.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Jacob Jansen Stol, who arrived in New York in 1630. Willem J. Stol sailed to New York in 1650; Ezekiel Stoll settled in Georgia in 1742; John Stole came to New England in 1757.

Stoller. It’s a vineyard in Oregon that has a LEED Certified Winery. Great pinots and environmental consciousness. I wonder if they would give me a free bottle…we might be related…

One thought on “11 people named Eric Stoller”

  1. Ahrg… I just hate that joke about escalators.. sigh… Actually I find it quite funny, and as most people end up calling me Stolli (no idea why) I don’t hear the escalator joke very often…


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