I’m in the catalog

Eric Stoller is teaching a class at OSU!

Okay, so it’s 4pm and I need a break from OSU code. If i don’t stop soon I’m going to get walleye vision!

I’m teaching a class at OSU for first year students. It’s called Odyssey. It looks like I have a full class of 20 students. It’s going to be a lot of work but it will be a lot of fun and a great experience.

4 thoughts on “I’m in the catalog”

  1. You are welcome for the free advertising, by the way.
    You will have fun teaching! I’m in the catalog too…

    ALS 199
    Jones MW 1030-1150 9/26/05-12/2/05
    HOV 100
    Discussion Open 5 15

    I don’t know how to copy the document as you did, yet!

  2. Hey Stoller, see how many freshman in your class you can persuade to join BMG or Columbia House as a “friend” to get free CDs and DVDs for yourself.

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