It slices, it dices…

DW Screenshot - No data was harmed in the making of this graphic!

Practicum update: The Data Warehouse and I are now friends. After a quick tutorial/lesson from CS, I am now a zen master of the DW. Well maybe not a master, but I at least was able to extract data for my assessment project. I successfully “pulled” student names, ID’s, grades, math placement scores, and SAT Math scores. I also extracted information from several other classes including: 2 sections of Physics, Zoology, and Economics. The DW is an amazing tool.

After gleefully using the DW for hours ;-) I then proceeded to fire up MS Excel. My practicum is a lot more fun now that I can actually start manipulating data! It is so rewarding to see, via the data, how effective the study tables have been. Several students who had low math placement/SAT Math scores did very well for their M111 grade. So let’s see, a student gets a low score on an incoming test (MP or SAT) and then attends 10 hours worth of study tables and viola — they earn a C! What happens for a student with a similar pre-test who did not attend a Study Table? Time will tell. I’ll be crunching the numbers this week. My gut tells me that students who attended Study Tables will score higher than their non-study table attending peers.

My marketing brain just checked in…what would happen if we gave the study tables a new name…something like “Grade Enhancer 5000” or “As seen on TV, do better, feel better, score better!” Just trying to add a little levity to my practicum posts :-)

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