< HTML is not fun anymore :-(

It’s 10pm and I am finally finished with my portion of the OSU Admissions web site re-design. I think I created about 130 pages with custom includes and clean (for the most part ;-) ) code. I am super tired and I am glad that I don’t have to do this anymore for a living. It just turns me into a zombie. I can sing and even have a conversation when I’m doing this sort of thing. Just don’t expect me to remember anything you say or what I sang. My brain switches into “computer mode”.

Goodnight people! I hope the future students and current graduate students appreciate all of the coding I’ve done for them (and my bank account) this summer. I can’t wait until school starts. Student contact is something that I’ve missed during my 40 hours of coding, stats crunching, and OSU “Successing”. Good night peeps.

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  1. Hey Stoller! Glad you are done with your project, and you feel like you got something accomplished – sounds like you deserve a bit of rest before the students come back :) When does the site go live??


  2. I’ve been feeling that zombified feeling lately….. I don’t think people understand that it’s a good thing to let you lock yourself in your office when you’re coding. You can hear what they’re saying, but it’s definitely not processing……. heh.

  3. Eric’s done a great job, and I’ve been very lucky to have him available on the team for this project. Thanks for the help, I’ll get your next bottle of Stoli ;)


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