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I’ve been testing out 3 web-based social media apps. Built to leverage the API’s of sites like Twitter and Facebook, these apps are web-based and can be accessed from any net enabled computer. TweetDeck (Chrome only), HootSuite, and Seesmic are all amazing in terms of functionality. I tested them all out using Google’s Chrome browser. This was mostly due to the fact that TweetDeck is only available as a web app via Chrome.

Aesthetically speaking, I really like the look and feel of Seesmic. It’s been my favorite Twitter app on Android and the web-based version doesn’t disappoint. It’s feature-rich and integrates the following social media services: Twitter, Foursquare, Google Buzz, Facebook, and LinkedIn. TweetDeck works almost as well as the desktop version. HootSuite has long been a popular alternative to TweetDeck. However, I find it’s interface to be less intuitive and quite a bit more “clunky” than Seesmic or TweetDeck. The API connection that TweetDeck leverages in Chrome is impressive. Tweets stream into your web browser almost as fast as they are posted. This makes it very easy to participate in Twitter-based chats using “ChromeDeck.”

In terms of social media listening / engaging, I would recommend that you try out all 3 apps to determine which one works best for you. I’ve been using TweetDeck in Chrome for fast-paced Twitter chats and Seesmic works really well in Firefox. HootSuite offers up a paid, Pro service for folks who want access to a larger feature set. It will be interesting to see how these app providers can continue to provide such amazing apps while at the same time covering their operating costs. While these apps are certainly not as powerful as the social media listening stations that Gatorade and Dell launched last year, I’m certain that you can do quite a bit with a browser, a connection to the Internet, and one of these web-based social media apps.

Which of these 3 apps do you use? Do you use something else?

Hootsuite – (Works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)
HootSuite on Chrome

Seesmic – (Works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)
Seesmic on Chrome

TweetDeck – (Chrome browser)
TweetDeck on Chrome

4 thoughts on “3 social media apps for listening / engaging”

  1. I tried using HootSuite for a while because some people recommended it, but I never felt too comfortable with it. I had been using TweetDeck for my iPod touch and I enjoyed the feel of it. It wasn’t too complicated and displayed multiple running searches I wanted. I didn’t realize there was one for Chrome but I’m now trying it out since I’m already familiar with their mobile app :)

  2. I was recommended to Hootsuite, and I must admit I’ve never tried anything else, as I’ve been pretty happy with them. I decided to upgrade to Pro, even, because I do manage multiple Twitter accounts. I was interested to see that Seesmic and Tweetdeck LOOK the same, and that you didn’t really have a preference for one or the other. I may still experiment as I’m not terribly happy with the Hootsuite for Blackberry app. But will need to see whether the other Blackberry apps are any better first (of if they even have them.)!

  3. Curious why you gravitated away from the downloadable Tweet Deck app in favor of Web only options? I used to use the Tweet Deck desktop and mobile apps exclusively but switched to Seesmic when I switched from Blackberry to Android. Didn’t really have a reason other than it was new, and the mobile app seemed more straightforward.

    I do like the idea of a desktop app better than a browser based app for when I’m parked at my desk, however.

  4. Hey folks, sorry it took me forever to get back to your amazing comments.

    After using Seesmic and TweetDeck (ChromeDeck) on Chrome, I think I now give TweetDeck a slight edge as my overall favorite web-based Twitter app. TweetDeck’s connection to Twitter’s API is ridiculously fast.

    I’ve used the desktop version of TweetDeck for quite some time and I think that being able to run everything from within Chrome is just as functional. I really like being able to login to ChromeDeck on any computer to retrieve my settings and columns.

    I’ve been using Seesmic on my Android-based Droid X for quite a while…it may have a few glitches every now and then, but it’s still my favorite mobile Twitter app.

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