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What the #SAchat has meant to me


This month marks the 1 year anniversary for the #SAchat. I wanted to share a little bit about what the #SAchat community has meant to me.

I first found out about the #SAchat in September of 2009 when I received a direct message from one of the creators of the chat – Debra Sanborn. Her message was simple, but it captured my attention: “We have the beginnings of an #sachat going.” I was intrigued. When the other co-founder, Tom Krieglstein, posted a tweet in October of 2009 with the #sachat hashtag, I was hooked. While I haven’t been able to “attend” every #SAchat, I have been able to participate frequently and read through the weekly chat transcripts.

I can say without hesitation that if you are in student affairs (and/or interested in the profession) and are interested in seeing how social media can be a place for learning, networking and making connections, then you need to check out the #SAchat.

Personally and professionally, the #SAchat community has been a source for learning, mentoring, caring, inspiration, knowledge, and friendship. I have made so many meaningful connections through #SAchat including the following amazing student affairs professionals: Debra Sanborn, Tom Krieglstein, Cindy Kane, Ed Cabellon, Teri Bump, Kristen Rupert, Stacy Oliver, Rey Junco, Mike Severy, Christopher Conzen, Julie Kirchmeier, Becca Fick, Kathy Petras, Niki Rudolph and Thomas Valdez. I didn’t know any of them prior to engaging / connecting on #SAchat. I’ve met several of the #SAchat community in real life and have made lasting friendships.

The #SAchat community contributed greatly to my decision to take a ride on the “Stoller Coaster.”

#SAchat members have enriched my mind, nurtured my soul, and touched my heart. I am so thankful that Debra and Tom had the courage to start this community.

Here’s to many more years of #SAchat. Thank you.

Written by Eric Stoller

October 6th, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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