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I’m one of 4 faculty members for the upcoming NACADA Technology Seminar in Clearwater, Florida. The seminar is geared toward academic advisors with varying technology skills. We’re expecting about 200 attendees at “NACADA Tech”. This should be a paradigm-changing event. We hope to have wi-fi access for all participants during our sessions. This sounds simple, but it turns out that free, in-session internet access is fairly rare in student affairs / academic affairs conferences. We want to ensure that participants have a hands-on experience with a lot of back channel conversations/connections.

I’ll be facilitating three sessions:

Web 2.0 and an Advising Communication Plan
Blogs, Microblogs, RSS, Podcasts, Vodcasts and several other forms of social media are all components to today’s advising communication plans. Communication plans articulate what you want to accomplish, the ways in which you will accomplish it, with whom you will communicate, how communications help accomplish your goals, and how you will measure the results. This session will feature numerous Web 2.0 tools that can enable advisors to reach students where they are. Participants will see examples of how to incorporate technology to produce a communication plan that is user-friendly, cost effective, accessible, and assessable. This session will be a prelude to hands-on concurrent sessions on blogs/microblogs and making connections between tools.

Making Connections Between Tools
So you take the time to create a blog, take, upload, and share photos and videos, and podcast important advising information. Content aggregators allow us to collect information from various sources including blogs, microblogs, photo-sharing services, and other tools and data in one place. The result is a website that is constantly refreshed with new information. Making better use of the content created and available for students and others is crucial to a successful advising communication strategy. This session will delve into the process, creation and tactics involved with an advising aggregator website.
Remember, Alligators live in Florida, Aggregators “live” on the Internet! ;-)

Blogs and Microblogs
Blogs and microblogs are all about content, what’s happening now, mobility and the ability to find what you need, or “searchability”. In advising, they provide a form of social media that enables us to reach our students in a manner that is accessible and user-friendly. This session will focus on blogging tools that are available on the web. These tools can be implemented within minutes but have a lasting impact.

6 thoughts on “NACADA Technology Seminar – sessions”

  1. Hey Stoller
    Good to hear some news from you :) Are you a faculty member? Your post says you are “1 of 4 faculty members.” If you are, you’ll have to fill me in on that for sure!

    Hope all is well!


  2. @Andrew – awesome. We’re going to attempt to have a fairly vibrant back channel.

    @Tanya – Yes, I am a faculty member for this conference. Someone must have made a mistake ;-) (just kidding). I’ll be working as a faculty member alongside Karen Thurmond, Laura Pasquini, and George Steele. Several of us have been setting this up for quite a while. We’ve been meeting via webcams and sharing files via Google Documents.

  3. eric,
    thanks for all your help at the technology for advising workshop.
    questions: how would I be able to do rss feed on wetpaint.

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