11 thoughts on “Stand By Me”

  1. Great video, Eric! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve passed the link along othe friends & family. And although I have no right to be, I am proud of you, your sensitivity, your enthusiasm and your success.

  2. Thanks for commenting everyone. I’d like to note that Tom was my academic advisor during the first 2 years of my collegiate experience! :-)

    @Tom – Your support of my academic, professional and personal success has always meant a lot to me. Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor and friend.

    @Lani – thanks for the link. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. This is a very sexist and gendered take on the song! We all know that a man originally recorded that song, and these oppressed women are unknowingly giving into the man’s world!

  4. to the person called crallspace change the first l to a w and go into it . this beautiful rendition of stand by me brought tears to my eyes .

  5. Thank you for a most beautiful video. I have watched it many times, and always with a smile and a tear and a “bobbing of the head”. Thank you.

  6. I hate to even spend any time on crallspace but, omigod!woman!!! This link was sent to me BY A WOMAN and I forwarded it to 20 of my closest WOMEN friends and it made every last one of us cry and laugh and feel WONDERFUL!!!! It is a compassionate work of art! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Thank you for doing what it took to make that happen and share it with the world! You are ambassadors in the truest sense! Thanks!

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