Indian Hills Community College

I attended Indian Hills Community College (IHCC) in Ottumwa, Iowa from 1995 to 1997. During my time at IHCC I joined the jazz band, played my trombone for the pep band and signed up for my first email account with Hotmail. It was a phenomenally developmental period in my life. My IHCC academic advisor, Tom Stewart, is still a close mentor and friend. My love of higher education began at IHCC.

As a member of eduStyle, I frequently submit higher education websites for community review. When Indian Hills recently re-designed their website, I immediately submitted the new site design to eduStyle. I was unaware that my IHCC story was one of the featured stories on the homepage. I had submitted answers, over a year ago, to a questionnaire about my IHCC experiences. When the new site design was entered in on eduStyle, the site thumbnail showed a different homepage image. Brad J. Ward notified me via Twitter of my “celebrity” status.

The new design is definitely an improvement compared to the previous iteration:

Indian Hills new design

Indian Hills old design

Update: Nick DeNardis of EDU Checkup gives the IHCC re-design an “A-“:

2 thoughts on “Indian Hills Community College”

  1. I’m really glad that you are enjoying the new Indian Hills website. Our web designers have done a wonderful job of enhancing the college’s site with many interesting and informative stories about successful Indian Hills alumni such as Eric Stoller. As the former alumni coordinator, I always enjoy hearing these stories and sharing them with others. –Rhonda Conrad, Indian Hills Foundation Director

  2. Hi, Eric!

    Thanks for your kind words on your blog & on the IHCC website. I am honored & flattered that you so graciously remember me.

    I am touched beyond words that you consider me a mentor, role model & friend. It is especially meaningful to me as I have the highest regard for you and your abilities.

    Your growth & success have come from within you. I am merely fortunate to have been able to witness it and grateful to have the opportunity to know you.

    Wishing you continued success,
    Your friend,
    Tom Stewart

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