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Survs - Online Surveys

I was perusing the interwebs the other day, prior to the QuestionPro account termination debacle, when I came upon a blog post that linked to

I had never heard of Survs before and thought that it was worth looking at for an online survey solution:

Survs is a collaborative tool that allows you to build, deploy and analyze online surveys.

It is collaborative in the sense that you can cooperate with your teammates through the journey of building, deploying and analyzing your surveys. You can even share your surveys results, templates and themes online.

Being a web application, no special software is needed. As long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser you can access Survs wherever you are.

The blog is the place where you can keep in touch with all that is happening with Survs. But if you want first hand news don’t forget to check out our Twitter page

Survs is a product of Enough Pepper, a (proudly) small company located in the engaging city of Lisbon, Portugal.

I created an online survey in a couple hours using Survs. The experience was phenomenal. Survs works like Flickr. Editing is very easy and intuitive. The learning curve with Survs is very shallow. I was able to create questions with numerous logic rules (conditional branching elements), side-by-side matrix-based questions, open-ended questions, etc. Survs is amazing. The interface for customizing surveys is extremely user-friendly. It effortlessly allows for a user to create sophisticated surveys. A tremendous benefit of Survs is that they do not require that their logo or branding be present on your surveys. Your surveys can look however you want them to look. It is an extremely refreshing experience.

The email functionality was another well-thought out component of Survs. It worked like a charm. Emailing 900 people was super easy. Survs is to online surveys as Gmail is to web-based email. Seriously good!

The data analysis component of Survs is very aesthetically pleasing. Data/results are displayed in an intuitive and easy to read format. Sharing data is another perk as Survs provides a secret link to survey data.

Although Survs is currently in Beta, I have the utmost confidence in Survs because their system is awesome! When Survs eventually starts charging for their services, sign me up, I will gladly pay for their fantastic online survey functionality.

Screenshot of a sample Survs survey being edited Survs survey creation

Survs survey analysis screenshot sample Analyze a Survs survey

2 thoughts on “Survs – Epic Online Surveys”

  1. Thanks for sharing this gem, EDS.

    By the way… I like how you used “perusing” and “the interwebs” in the same sentence. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the info. I am currently looking into online survey software and hadn’t come across this one, will have a look now. I was looking at QuestionPro (among others) and found your previous blog article very interesting!

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