Columbus Junction, IA flooding photos

Photographs of flooding in Columbus Junction, Iowa:
flooding in Economart grocery store in Columbus Junction Iowa
The store with the giant apple on it is the Economart – Columbus Junction’s grocery store. I worked at the Economart for 2 years while I was in high school. I was always asking people if they wanted “paper or plastic”. My former doctor’s office is located just a few stores down from the Economart.

Columbus Junction Iowa Photographs of Economart flooding in 2008

More photos of flooding (before and after) in Columbus Junction after the jump…

Columbus Junction Iowa medical clinic flooding photograph
The reflection of the buildings in this photograph is amazing. It is a near-perfect mirror image.

Economart in Columbus Junction Iowa after flooding photograph 2008
The parking lot at the Economart after floodwaters were pumped out. One of the large windowpanes at the front of the store broke after floodwaters rushed in.

Columbus Junction Iowa levee construction before flooding in 2008
Emergency levee construction in Columbus Junction.

Columbus Junction Iowa flood clean up and recovery photograph 2008
Levee clean up and removal begins in Columbus Junction.

Columbus Junction Iowa before floodwaters breached the levee in 2008
Before floodwaters breached the emergency levee in Columbus Junction.

Columbus Junction Iowa photo illustration of flooding after emergency levee breach
Photo illustration of flooding after emergency levee breach.

Downtown Columbus Junction Iowa in 2008
Main Street in downtown Columbus Junction, Iowa.

Photographs via and Ken Purdy
(Ken or “Mr. Purdy” was one of my math teachers when I was in High School at CCHS. Ken’s site includes several aerial photographs of flooding in Southeast Iowa.)

location of Columbus Junction Iowa

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