9 thoughts on “AppleCare + MacBook Pro”

  1. I think it’s incredibly overpriced.

    I also think, given that it’s difficult to do any kind of meaningful hardware repair on a MacBook, that it might be your best option if you can afford it.

    AppleCare is one thing I really dislike about Apple.

    My two cents.

  2. It is overpriced, I agree, but it’s also amazing if something breaks that will cost you more than $349. And those internal parts are expensive. I say go for it, if you can afford it.

  3. Eric,

    I’m striving to offer you input that you won’t hear from anywhere else, that’s all.

    I think you should get AppleCare if you can afford it. Michael and vegankid are both spot-on.

    And I’m not a PC user by choice, but by cost constraint =)

  4. … meaning, just read the warranty word for word and cover your ass, make sure you don’t end up spending the $$$ on AppleCare only to have to pay a large amount out of pocket when something breaks, be it your fault or not.

  5. Dennis – I was just kidding ;-)

    Vic – Thanks for the link/advice. My laptop is the second most expensive thing that I own. It generates income, provides entertainment and educational value, and is my means of communicating with a lot of people. Caring for it is definitely a priority.

  6. I always get it but you can find it on ebay for about half of the apple store price – just make sure you buy the correct one for your apple!

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